Thursday, May 20, 2010

This is Why The General Public Thinks Copyright Laws Need to be Reformed

My husband occasionally shows me stories from this website. Some of them are very funny.

Here is a basic idea of why the general public hates the RIAA & the old people in federal government need to reform copyright laws.

Yes, I'm still depressed & concerned. I have learned that you never put all your hopes in one prospect or assume that one particular prospect will turn out well.

Something else that would make me laugh (especially true in the course of helping my husband find work in the career he went to school for) is someone who puts in a high minimum years of experience requirement for a job adding the statement "only old dinosaurs need apply."

Crazy minimum year requirements make no sense to me. Here's why:

A) I have 7 years of retail experience but there's no way on God's green earth I could do that job today. Even if I weren't a lawyer, I'd never be able to be that civil to the general public.

B) These requirements are usually couched w/a pathetic salary far below market value. Why should I consider a job requiring 2 years experience when you're paying me $10 an hour & you're not in an industry known for this type of pay rate?

C) They ignore teach-ability aspects. Some of us are very fucking smart!! Some of us aren't that slow & can get with the program in a very short time. I myself have a talent for picking up new things pretty quickly. In some cases, I've had to teach myself out of sheer necessity.

D) Burnout, idiots!! People w/many years of experience at something are stuck in the same old way of doing things & plenty are burned out. Burned out people don't give a shit & aren't in the mood to be innovative. They simply do not care & might put in 75% effort if you're lucky. Unless you're smart, you're not going to catch this unless you look beyond the veneer of a job interview or a resume. Look for the subtleties & ask the right questions.

E) Finally, you can learn something from the younger generation. Not everyone is a spoiled, entitled princess. Just hire the people who don't fit that mold & treat them w/some basic human dignity. They could show you new technologies & help create some sane workplace policies on such things.

Oh, and I say these things as a lawyer who was very mature for her age & pretty much is an old soul in a young body.

I've seen things like this for jobs as low skilled as housekeeping or janitorial work. Give me a damn break, all right? I'd like to grab some people's shoulders, shake them hard & ask what mental defects these people have.

If you give me that opportunity, I'll do something nice for you.

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