Monday, May 31, 2010

Busy Couple of Weeks

So the next couple of weeks will be busy for me. First off, have a job interview on Tuesday for a job I'm actually not overqualified for + would want to do. Wednesday is the NYC premiere of "Uptown," a feature film from One Way. If you get a chance, see this movie. It's really good.

Saturday I'm going to go visit family in NC for a week. Scary that my NC views may just increase if I use their computer to write any entries here. Not sure if I will b/c my week's going to be pretty booked up. Right now, I'm looking forward to having some food items there that you can't get here. Seeing family & friends who live there is a no-brainer. Some of these people should visit ME, though (hint, hint).

NYC's a fun place to visit & my husband + me know of decent, low cost things to do that won't be crawling w/tons of tourists. If you walk down the street in a touristy area like Penn Station or Times Square, you can pick out the locals & the tourists pretty easily. The tourists will stand in the middle of the sidewalk, marvel at things & walk very slowly while the locals just walk in the bike lane to get past everyone. The locals also walk a lot faster on the whole. If you want to get someplace quick, just follow the locals.

Anyway, food items I plan to see about having:

1. Real hushpuppies: Whatever you do, don't go to ACME Restaurant to get them. I was very, VERY disappointed. My family knows of places that have good ones so I'm definitely taking advantage while I'm down there.

2. Chick-Fil-A: There's no official one in NYC (as in, open year round & has a full menu) & driving to Paramus is not something I can do every single weekend. Tolls & gas $ add up; I + plenty of other city residents would like to see one here, damn it! This place is healthier & I don't like their chain competitors.

3. Steak & Shake: Haven't gotten to go in years since hubby & I went on vacation to FL & drove from FL to my parents' house in NC. I'll have to see if I can still eat it or not.

4. Krispy Kreme doughnuts: their headquarters are in my hometown, you know. I'll be going to another doughnut shop as well but I do plan to ask about this since I'm not sure if the store at Penn Station will be open when I have to get the train. With my luck, it won't be.

I still have to think of more stuff but visiting has more appeal than it used to since my family moved to a different area, got a house w/room in it & generally seem much happier. I can't live there again since I'd miss NYC too much & my husband + I would fit in as well as Joe Pesci & Marisa Tomei's characters fit into Alabama in My Cousin Vinny. I can visit for about a week, maybe 2 tops but that's my limit.

Yes, even though I'm from there originally I do feel like that. At least my friends & family that I deal with aren't pushing motherhood on me; I'm very happy being an auntie. Ideally, the cool auntie who always has adventures w/stories & fun gifts to give.

Seriously, I'm still mad about the hushpuppies. That experience has stopped me from trying any more in NYC & don't care to fry food in oil at home. Too many stories about serious injury & I like not getting burned, thanks. I swear, if I get bad ones again I'd probably have to ask for the cook's head on a silver platter.

Now going to get some water & hopefully get some sleep. I'm not really tired right now but maybe that's b/c it's a bit warm in my house.

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