Monday, May 17, 2010

More Links to Stories & Thoughts

Realized I have another mass load of links to stories that I want to comment on but don't want to have sitting forever. Plus, one just goes back to a rant I've done a few times here. So, here goes:

1. Reality TV Star Gets Jail Time

My thoughts: stop doing stories on these stupid reality TV idiots. This moron doesn't deserve media coverage b/c it just encourages more people to do stuff like this. Oh, yes & a newsflash.

Being on a reality show does not make you an actor or a star.

It makes you a common idiot. If you acknowledge this, then I can have a tiny bit of respect for you. This is common knowledge among industry professionals. You will not be known in a good way if you start out on a reality show, trust me.

2. Lawsuit Filed Over Arizona's Ethnic Studies Law

I don't really get this. I think there are free speech issues on this & why in God's name would you exclude people from one of these classes b/c they're not of that particular race/culture? If you're excluding people who want to actively participate & learn something new, you have no right to cry racism or complain about intolerance b/c that's just what you're practicing. I have also never heard of such a class being closed to people who weren't members of that race/culture.

3. 9 Ways to Ensure You Don't Get the Job

I just know there are worst things to do. Say scratching your back with a fork, performing any type of bodily function during the interview, talking about the aliens coming to get you, talking to yourself like some homeless person on the subway or doing your best imitation of Filburt Turtle from Rocko's Modern Life.

Now, I love the show Rocko's Modern Life but I think references from that show would fly over the heads of most interviewers. If I ever meet a hiring person who loves that show & understands references from it, I'll die from shock. I'd also have to work for that person b/c that would be evidence of a personality.

4. Meet the Unemployable Man

I'm the first person in favor of reforming the education system. However, I don't notice the author discussing the sexism factor in more women being employed. If this keeps up, it will be interesting to see how women handle dating. I wonder if more will become single or will they just date other women if they want a mate w/money?

5. I just saw this one today, after returning from my day trip to my old stomping grounds in CT.

This goes back to a rant I've had for ages & ages. Personal time = Personal time. Work time = Work time. The two do not meet unless false or confidential information about the business is being spread or personal activities are done on company time. Read the comments to this story. A lot of people seem to assume this pizza place in Charlotte of all places had a written policy on this type of thing. I'll bet they didn't. Not to mention that we're treading on some dangerous ground here. If there needs to be a court ruling on anything, I think this issue is screaming for one. Namely, do employment at will clauses extend to what people do in their private time?

If they do, why doesn't everyone just tell these employers where to shove it & quit working en masse? I bet you could shut down some businesses if all the workers of the world or in the US did this in protest. Who will you enslave if no one's willing to work in the world of Big Brother? That kind of movement would grind the economy to a halt. I see far too many complacent people who are bound to "rules"; they'd have been good little Nazis back in the day.

That's it for now. Hope those rants made you happy.

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