Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Law That I Find Stupid

Guess it's open season on stealing if you can just get out the exit door.

And we wonder why people don't like getting involved in situations. This is the same thing as the man who got a jaywalking ticket after helping those old women cross the street on an icy road & getting hit by a bus. I'm sure the bad press motivated the police to change their minds about the ticket.

I'm a lawyer & find any policy or law like this to be utter stupidity. Don't blame all lawyers; we don't actually believe McDonalds made anyone fat or that the lady who put the hot coffee between her legs was rational. There were underlying legit grievances in some of these cases but in reality, lawyers are just trying to make a quick buck in whatever way they can.

I also think not being able to set shotgun traps on criminals is stupid but then again, I also believe that you forfeit human rights once you commit an act that proves you are inhuman such as animal cruelty, rape, beating a child, etc. Needless to say I could never be a criminal defense lawyer.

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