Saturday, October 8, 2011

General Musings Part 27

So, now I've got more stories to do mini-rants on. Here goes:

Tell me, why doesn't this shock me at all? And why do idiots continue to encourage women who are unprepared, irresponsible & in no way fit to be parents to continue to pop out babies? Why are legislators in places like Kansas and other states where they're trying to outlaw abortion not publicly castigated in their own home states & areas for being utter & total morons? If I were one of the psychologists who did this study, I would want to smack some sense into these people. Granted, I'm always wanting to smack sense into people though.

For instance, people who believe in "the rules" of relationships. Seems this recent study blows some of your theories out of the water. I'm not so sure we could say it's due to modern times or if it's just that the things they debunk just weren't good ideas to start with. I'll go with #2 myself. On the subject, I recently decided on my first vlog topic. Look for it in the coming week or so; I'm determined to get the damn smartphones ordered before Wednesday. We're at "enough is enough" with those.

Now, this bitch apparently apologizes for her harsh remarks. I call her a bitch for a couple reasons:

1. I saw a few episodes of her show Confessions of a Matchmaker (I believe that's what it was called. It was set at her agency in Buffalo, NY) & that's how she came off.

2. She claimed redheads were second class citizens & ugly compared to blonds & brunettes. A colleague of mine at the scam TV network told me about this & said she thought it was a load of crap since my hair's pretty + it violated her experiences. I should mention my colleague is a model.

Where's your apology to natural redheads, you bitch?!?!? I'm still waiting! I think she's jealous of redheads since one must have caught the eye of her man or caused some kind of horrid experience that she's not recovered from. Don't blame genetic reality because you can't measure up or aren't in a class by yourself; try improving YOURSELF. Funny but I'm pretty sure I could find millionaires who'd threaten to kill me if I dyed my hair & who'd probably tell me the same things most other people do about my looks. I'm sure some of them would also want a word with the guys I went to school with who declared me ugly & ran like Hell from me.

The biggest reason for my venom here? I could swear she had reddish hair when I saw her on that earlier show. Don't blame us because you couldn't hack it in our world.

Now, as for reasons to be glad you aren't famous, I beg to differ on some of these:

1. Some celebs do whatever the hell they want & could care less about the press. Some, in fact, make it their mission to fuck with the paparazzi. Personally, I'd do that if I ended up famous. The people close to me would know what was up so it would be an ongoing inside joke among my inner circle & me.

I'd love messing with people like TMZ or tabloids. They're vultures, as we've seen a billion times.

I also respect celebs who give the metaphoric middle finger to the press & the public on matters such as this. I ended up having to do that when I was getting tormented by gossips who were as vicious & pervasive as tabloid reporters. I felt like a mini-celebrity & that was enough; the experience is probably why I'm highly protective of friends who work with celebrities or celebrities who are my friends.

2. Some celebs don't have to diet. Heather Locklear was known for not having to do that. I certainly don't diet now & finding clothes to fit me is a challenge. If I DID diet? I'd have to buy from the children's section or would end up being taken to some eating disorder clinic since people would think I was starving myself.

So yes, some people can eat junk food & that includes (gasp) chocolate cake! Heck, I probably should eat chocolate cake so I don't get thinner.

3. Pimples are nothing. They have make-up for those. If they can cover tattoos on set, pimples are no problem. Heck, Katy Perry & other famous people have been making $ from doing Proactiv commercials. Admitting to having skin blemishes (even presumably) certainly isn't harming them.

Being fat? Yeah, that's an issue but you do have $ for trainers & plastic surgery. The average person doesn't.

So as for reasons to be glad you aren't famous? I can come up with better:

1. You get to have a private life.

2. You aren't always getting photographed, especially if you don't want to be "on" that day.

3. You don't walk in with heavy baggage known by everyone. At least if you're the average person, you may be prejudged but you can go to another city or another profession & not get that. If you're famous, you don't get that luxury.

4. People don't want to date you or reject you b/c of your career. Thank God I'm married & don't have to worry about dating while working in this field. That would make life truly suck for me. It's hard to find someone who's devoted to YOU & not your star power or your industry reputation + its perks. Just like #3, it's harder when everyone knows all about it vs. only one segment of the population (one town, industry, whatever).

5. You can give people the benefit of the doubt. Even working in the business & not actually being the star out front, you still have to wonder what one's angle is. It's why I've said my friends will probably end up being just rich people or industry peers. There's less on the line if you're not famous; famous people can't just go somewhere else & start over like the average person can. With the Internet, it's even harder for them to hide their past though some average people may have the same problems.

Speaking of celebrities, my elitism may be showing here shortly. Apparently, Penn Badgley who is on Gossip Girl (remember I don't watch the show despite doing that extra gig there) decided to join the Occupy Wall St. protest.

Okay Penn, you've pissed me off by calling these protests "cheesy." First off, do you think the 1st Amendment is "cheesy?" Do you even know what the 1st Amendment is all about?

You most likely wouldn't have a job if we didn't have a 1st Amendment because your show wouldn't be on the air. How much controversy has been reported on Gossip Girl over the years? I may not watch it but I do remember the stories & do recall the parental outcry over some of your story lines (like the threesome episode).

Second, do you think the occupation of attorney is "cheesy?" Because the basic fundamentals of being an attorney to start with is ensuring that everyone has EQUAL access in society. That includes civil rights. I'm sure you like having an entertainment lawyer, do you not (this presumes you have one since clearly you don't have respect for my profession if you're making such remarks about peaceful protests)? At the very least, I'm sure you like that they exist in the industry to protect you & other actors from breaches of contract or abusive set conditions while you're working. If you don't, you go right ahead & see how you're treated when there are no attorneys in the picture & contracts are only enforceable by the party with the most money. You can have millions but if the opposing party has billions, you're just like the 99% dealing with the 1%.

For the record, if you hire me for entertainment services & then make a public statement like this, I won't be your attorney anymore + will share these insights with you.

Third, do you think standing up to the NYPD is "cheesy?" What are your thoughts on these blatant intimidation tactics (which is what they are, pure & simple)?

Free tip to you & others making more $ than sense in public: when these protests start getting violent (and with the NYPD white shirts keeping this shit up combined with the lack of immediate access to the guilty parties, they certainly will), you will be on the list of targets for rage & harm. Flaunting your wealth & "I'm better than you" status by calling the protests "cheesy" (nobody twisted your arm to join in, Penn or you should have stood up to it), blaming Obama for them or making fashion critiques/bemoaning lack of leadership & other nonsense taking away from the issue is likely to get you injured in some way. I foresaw this type of uprising for years & years (and you can read back in this blog if you doubt this). Ignoring & belitting this type of force will lead to violence.

See, if these corporate types had been smart, they'd have made damn sure to leave people enough money to live meaningful lives & consume so they'd not have idle time to express outrage & protest against them. Since they were too stupid to do that, they're just going to have to face the consequences. You shut down people's voice & they'll be violent just because they feel they won't be heard in any other way.

Okay, enough with that tirade. On to more articles.

This was interesting to me since it was concerning teen suicide due to homophobia. I'm also reminded of a PSA I saw on Cartoon Network on bullying where they told kids to get an adult involved & if the adult did nothing, to keep going to them or find someone who would do something.

So what do you do if it's involving homophobia & the school is in the middle of Bigotville, USA? I feel as an adult it's my duty to call someone a spineless piece of garbage if they are allowing bullying to happen toward anyone. Considering I lived it (bullying not accusations of being gay though apparently people tried starting that rumor), I do have a bit of insight on it. It seems like in those situations, you do need the power of litigation to compel action.

Now, for more schoolroom idiocy. Who else finds this whole argument asinine? Let's discourage common courtesy a little more, eh? Maybe this teacher should ride the NYC subway for inspiration on other instances of common courtesy he should discourage in class. Next thing you know, these kids won't tell anyone when a classmate drops some money since that would mean talking in public. If this teacher dropped a $50 bill in class & no one said anything when someone else took it, it would sure teach him a lesson, huh? I certainly wouldn't tell him.

Finally, I'm happy to see this & annoyed that the federal government has the gall to try to challenge it.

If someone goes to the Supreme Court, I'd love someone to ask "What good is federal law on the subject when the federal legislators have been bought by corporate America & refuse to enforce the laws? What good does it do when they're too busy trying to kiss ass in Latin America instead of protesting the CITIZENS of THIS country? For that matter, what good does it do when they're kissing the asses of foreign leaders instead of protecting permanent residents & others who aren't going to be welcomed back to their countries of origin as full citizens?" I say until these countries give Americans the same rights as foreigners get in this country, they have no cause to say a word when the US bothers to enforce its immigration laws. They should also make up their minds: either you want to leave the borders open to illegal terrorists coming in & have no real hassle for citizenship or you want to enforce the damn laws & not give amnesty to criminals who broke the law + whose free pass will discourage those who actually bothered to take the steps to become LEGAL citizens.

See how big the whole Occupy movement is? Yes, you're a fascist & a pig if you oppose peaceful protests in America, the land of the free! I don't give a damn if you agree or disagree with one's views (though if you disagree & aren't in the 1%, I'll hope social Darwinism takes you out).

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