Friday, April 14, 2017

It's All Fun and Games Until You Have to Clean the Pee

I guess you could say that for babies as well? That's how my dating life has felt.

Perhaps I was very spoiled with my ex since I never had to do this in the many years of my married life. I don't recall doing this while we were living together or dating either. In my varied adventures, this never happened but in my post-divorce life that has come up with more than one guy. Men, if you've got no other selling point for yourself just tell the ladies that at least you clean up your own pee. You are not that guy who gets urine EVERYWHERE in the public bathroom to the chagrin of everyone who ever walks in & especially the janitor. Come to think of it, maybe the fact that my ex had been a janitor/custodian is why he didn't do that stuff. He was the guy who got stuck cleaning it for a living. He told me a tale of feces being smeared about & one tale of a cell phone that was sitting in pee!

Unless maybe you were into that as part of your sex games, why in God's name would you go to someone else's house and not clean up after yourself? If that person has roommates, you've also managed to make your significant other the target of ire and scorn from his/her roommates. This, in turn, will piss off your significant other who has to live with these people & frankly, these people have a valid point. If I go to YOUR house, will your bathroom be grosser than one inside a gas station?

By the way, some free advice: if you're going on a road trip DO NOT go to a gas station if you need to use the bathroom. Go to a McDonalds or another fast food restaurant. In the Southeast, at least, the McDonalds bathrooms on a whole are much cleaner, located in a safer place and no one will hassle you to buy food first. Of course, if you can to a place you want to get food at the bathroom trip will be much easier to take care of. When I drove from Atlanta to NC, I'd look for the Chick-Fil-A since I'd eat the food there & you better believe their bathrooms are immaculate. Not to mention their customer service is a trillion times better. Apparently if you want to use the bathroom in NYC, you go to a bar if you can't get to a Starbucks with a bathroom.

There should be a law that you never have to clean a grown person's bodily waste unless A) you are married to that person, B) you are that person's paid caregiver, or C) you are a medical professional on the clock at work. No mentally functional adult's parents should ever have to deal with that since that parent already went through all that when that person was growing up.

Do other straight women deal with this? What do they do? I have my ideas for tackling such an issue that hopefully won't involve me setting off an air horn indoors. This is another one of those "men are puzzling" things. Another thing that puzzled me is this guy I liked, went out with a few months back, figured it wasn't going to happen after getting some uncool information from him suddenly reappeared and wanted to hang out with me. My feeling was shock then "okay..." How many men actually follow through on the "let's be friends" stuff? In my experience, zero.

Now I think he could end up being good for me if I can feel comfortable and there can be mutual trust. Definitely within the league of Single 2.0 me but I feel like it's still in the "getting to know you" stage & I'm wary of putting too many emotional eggs into one basket + don't trust that quickly.

I also met a guy who claimed to want to see me again but decided to pick the day I started that time of the month to do anything of an intimate nature. Not heard from that one since I've been hanging out with the guy who reappeared. It's like "if you just wanted to find some girl to do the nasty with, why would you pick the one who's bleeding?" Even if you're a 3 on the 1-3 scale of such things (see a prior post on this subject), wouldn't you only do that with someone you knew vs. picking a total stranger, regardless of how cute she was? It's just easier for cleanup and all that, isn't it? So I haven't concluded if this guy was sincere in his claims to care or if he's just really lousy at selecting drought breakers.

Let's not even get into the reappearing acts. I think some men are like stray cats. You feed them once & they always return, even a long time later. Not sure if I have some type of talent or what that's all about. Still trying to figure that one out since I feel like there are plenty of other attractive women in NYC, even natural redheads with some looks. These men don't need to keep bothering me, yet they do. Why?!?!?

Seriously, though some of us are childfree & if we wanted to clean up bodily waste we would give birth to our own children and deal with diaper changes. Agreed?