Saturday, November 20, 2010

More Life Updates, Administrative Stuff, General Musings Part 11

Being the slowpoke on technology that I am, I only recently discovered how to put links into posts without posting the link text on the page. Yes, I'm sad. There's a reason I transferred out of that Computer Programming class in high school. We can't be perfect at everything, you know?

Thank God for the Huffington Post for actually keeping stories I've linked to on here when the Yahoo links are no longer working.

So this week, I'm taking my very first opportunity to do extra work. It's a right of passage that most actors have but I've never actually experienced. I'm not doing it because I have to or am trying to be mega-famous. Nope, I have different reasons.

1. Observation: If you're going to be an executive in a business or a manager, you should see how others conduct their business. In my case, I feel I should see how others conduct their sets, treat their extras, PAs, etc. This way, you've got a better idea of how to do your job when you're running the show or trying to manage it. Call it an "Undercover Boss" experience. I think it'll make me far better as a producer or actor if I've had the experience & know what's kosher vs. what's not. Sure, I've heard a lot of stories but living it is a different story. I feel every CEO or manager should have some experience doing the grunt work since those people make the business run & the decisions you make have a profound effect on how they work.

2. Killing time: Not like I have anything else to do right now.

3. Inspiration for writing/Consider the Possibilities/Networking: My life's incredibly unusual & while I never walk in with expectations, will not get autographs (I don't even watch this show) or otherwise go around making life more difficult for directors, producers, etc. (God knows I'd want to murder someone for doing that to me or mine), it'd be dumb of me to not even bother if the opportunity to network existed. As for telling anyone precisely what I do, that's debatable. Not sure if I want a mob of people on me or not; that will depend on how I'm feeling that day. You certainly don't get inspiration if you just sit at home all day doing nothing.

4. Making a little $: You don't get much doing this non-union but it is something, right?

I also have a book to read, 2 issues of this industry magazine I just got at random & a lot of sample legal documents I should clean up so I can make them viable for my purposes. That's something I've just been too lazy to do & probably should start while I'm playing "hurry up & wait."

Extra work has also got to be less demeaning than document review. Who's going to blackball me for doing it? I have my own gigs going on & if anything, I'd get more respect for not living on some attorney pedestal.

So, situations & stories to rant about. This time, with hyperlinks!

First, a Craig's List ad from some clueless firm that seems to think they are an indie entertainment company:

Small Start-up Int'l Law Firm - College Students or Grads F/T or P/T (Midtown)
Date: 2010-11-11, 11:44AM EST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Small start-up law firm has an opening for one or more college graduates or students to work as an unpaid interns, full-time (at least 4 days/wk, 10 week min.) or part-time (at least 6 months), flexible hours. Sophisticated international clientele, elegant atmosphere, nice team of experienced corporate/M&A/securities lawyers formerly practicing at prestigious large New York law firms. The firm handles cross-border transactional or business law matters, primarily related to corporate and commercial transactions, financial transactions, investment funds, securities regulation, joint ventures, and international law. Exposure to transactional legal work and methods, but cooperation with clerical duties also required. Must be a 4-year college graduate or be enrolled at a 4-year college and have completed at least one year of college. Strong academics, writing, critical thinking and analytical ability, and organizational skills; self-motivated; fast learner; fluency in Portuguese or Spanish a plus; strong work ethic; computer skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint); positive attitude and other positive attributes or skills will all be considered.

If this position is of interest, please reply by e-mail with your resume, stating your availability and preferred time for an interview on November 22, 23, or 29 if you are a college graduate, or the week of January 10, 2011 if you are a college student, indicate the approximate number of hours or illustrative schedule you can work (we understand it may be subject to change based on academic schedules, exams and priorities), your proposed starting date, and proposed length of your commitment (minimum 6 months for P/T, 10 weeks for F/T). Our reply will contain a link to our website which will allow you to learn more about the firm. If we contact you, you will need to provide: an unofficial copy of your grades and references. You can then also submit any other information you deem relevant (e.g., letters of recommendation, or anything illustrative of the above qualifications).

* Compensation: N/A
* This is an internship job
* Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
* Please, no phone calls about this job!
* Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

PostingID: 2054469118

It's been true & remains to be true that your Manhattan law firm does NOT = movie/TV/distribution/post-production/other entertainment industry company. Nor is it equal to some other glamorous profession people kill to get in like fashion, sports or other endeavors. Maybe if you were opening a spy clearing house, you could get away w/this stuff. A law firm, though? Offering an internship to the general public there is an insult. You should get slammed by the Department of Labor.

This article hits close to home since I'm not all that far from Williamsburg & while the chain invasion has happened near me, you'll generally get better services + competence from independently owned stores.

And this Shari Lind they spoke to who moved from the Upper West Side & was begging for the chains to invade while pushing a baby stroller? She's a representation of the gentrification the real NYC residents do NOT want to see & in my book, part of the problem.

I'd love to see her trendy behind stay in Manhattan & away from my affordable neighborhood. I wonder if she's the same type of person who'd want to bring her baby to the bar, then demand everyone not to swear around it. Those people should stay out & stop ruining the neighborhood flavor, driving out the artists + fulfilling Bloomberg's dream of NYC only being inhabited by millionaires like him.

I don't know if this one is for real but if it is, I vote that these people should abort & then get fixed. If you're asking the Internet to make life choices for you, then you're obviously not mature enough to breed.

What do you pro-life types have to say about this? Wouldn't you agree that these morons have no business taking care of a helpless child? How would you explain that to the kid years later? "Oh, we weren't sure if we wanted you & the lovely Internet people voted for us to keep you. So we did. Go thank them. Here are their names."

Finally, this story still has me in shock at the utter stupidity of people as a whole. First off, I just heard a news report tonight that this pastor had a 3 way with his wife + some male church member he was corresponding with through Facebook. If you don't have the self-control to not cheat on your spouse, that doesn't mean other people will do the same because they have a Facebook account. Though if you all agreed to the 3 way, that's not really cheating though maybe you fear God will send down a bolt of lightning on you b/c you have gay tendencies. That's beside the point, though.

Second, I've exhausted the topic of stupidity among particular classes of religious people & ungodly behavior so I'm not going there. However, this pastor obviously hasn't been with us for the past 15-20 years. Remember AOL chat rooms? MySpace? Friendster? Porno sites? NY Undercover did an episode about the lieutenant's daughter being held against her will by some pervert she talked to online who claimed to be a fashion photographer who ended up taking nude pics of her & later raping her. That show's not been in production for at least 10 years.

Scummy behavior has been going on since LONG before the internet existed. The same goes for infidelity. People have cheated on spouses since the dawn of time.

Third, as for some of the religious types claiming that non-religious people have no right to make comments we're reading this in a secular publication & we're in America. That means "free speech exists" & "this is a matter affecting non-religious people" since it's getting major media coverage. So fair game for comment, moron.

If you don't like it, I suggest you move to a country governed by your religion's rule. There isn't one? Then go start it & take some of the busybody fundies with you. Then you can outlaw abortion, pray any & everywhere, whatever your little religious hearts desire.

Until you're willing to do that, keep your trap shut about violating other people's rights (especially mine).

Case in point on how this pastor is full of shit: both my spouse & I have a Facebook. I'm required to have one for business reasons but it's more of a mix of business/personal contacts. Good way to find long lost friends from high school, college, other aspects of life. My sister is on there, entertainment colleagues are there, even some attorneys happy with 21st century technology are there.

When I've seen exes on Facebook, you know what I do? I go straight to the "Block this person" link and block their sorry butt. My husband has done likewise. Great little tool if you don't want to deal w/someone who was a jerk to you or who you just aren't feeling anymore.

No need to share passwords or play Big Brother since that's disrespectful & my husband knows better than that (he had an ex who did this & he felt the request meant she didn't trust him; guess who was being shady?). I find the password demanding control freaks tend to be insecure, cheating scum using such tactics to cover up their own bad behavior.

I suppose it also helps if you don't have unfinished ex business or old flames you'd want to date or whose tongue you want to feel in your mouth. I had that one crush but I couldn't even picture kissing the guy w/out tongue, forget having sex w/him. Isn't that messed up? Plus, I'd be too afraid of getting an STD. I met my husband at a time when I didn't have unresolved ex crap to deal with; too bad more people don't deal with that stuff before getting married. Maybe that would lead to some happier marriages & fewer divorces.

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