Tuesday, November 30, 2010

General Musings Part 12

More stories falling into various categories. Here goes.

Bravo to these flight attendants. They're doing what they have to in order to survive. Anyone finding fault in them doing a sexy calendar to raise $ is just some ugly woman who's insecure about her appearance or someone who's never faced hard times; neither group is one I feel particular sympathy towards.

Speaking of another group of people I have no sympathy for, check this out.

Doesn't this mother sound like a micromanaging harpy out to sue anyone she can? Her child is 17 years old & she wants to dictate policy on perfume scents. What will this child do in college or at a job? Going to sue the company because people aren't catering to your sensitivities??? Mommy going in & doing that will sure make things better! I'm not big on overpowering scents myself but why stop there? Let's get rid of people w/BO, the kids so fat they qualify as blobs, those with overly cheery dispositions early in the morning and perform strip searches complete with searches of lunch bags before anyone enters school.

In case you can't tell, I feel the same about peanut bans. Make the allergy suffers go elsewhere instead of demanding everyone else to accommodate to them since the real world doesn't have "peanut free" zones. If you want to get all bitchy about finding an alternative to peanut butter, I suggest you foot the bill for the extra food costs the parents who can't afford alternatives are being forced to pay because of YOUR child's problem. Until then, keep your big mouth shut. I'd like to ban cole slaw & mayonnaise since I don't care for the smells, but I don't think I'd have much success on that one.

If this kid doesn't want to be known as the henpecked offspring of "that controlling mega-bitch", he might want to talk Mommie Dearest out of this public spectacle. Even Vinton Harper had more of a backbone than this kid seems to have(Mama's Family reference; if you haven't seen the show, go look it up online since that crew makes most people's families look adorable by comparison)! Could you imagine dating someone like this? I couldn't & I was quite willful at that age; in fact, I was pretty saucy by about 6 or so.

Now for more stupid school administration policy.

Yes, because some child can successfully murder a group of school children with some Chapstick. Quick, let's put on the haz-mat suits & hide under our desks! Kids in the old days ate stuff that was in dirt, covered in snot, in fact I once saw a kid on the bus eat a live bee.

If you're that worried about school children sharing lip balm, then it's time for you to start a long vacation at your nearest mental facility. No one should release you without some sessions of shock treatment & perhaps a lobotomy if electric shock doesn't calm you down.

Apparently, text messaging is a new distraction in schools.

Well, where have you been for the past 5 years? This same argument comes up in law schools with the use of laptops. Students use the laptops to play computer games, chat on AIM, catch up on the sports game, anything but do school work. At least, this was the case at my law school. You'd think in college you'd just do that courtesy of the free WiFi instead of wasting your $ paying for text messaging service. Personally, I don't care for texting & while it may come in handy at times I just don't want to pay for it.

Putting your phone at the teacher's desk & getting it after class is over seems fair. It prevents cheating, theft by leaving the phone in a locker & you can call the police if some errant school shooter happens by. To me, leaving your life in the hands of others is stupid as a matter of general common sense. Instead of hoping someone does something for you, you're better off trying to make things happen for yourself like protecting your own safety. Too many stories about the MTA doing nothing while people were hurt in the subway stations & not being held liable under the law support my views on taking care of yourself since no one else will.

This MSN article is another dating advice one that annoyed me.

Ah, Glamour magazine. Basically encouraging women to be dishonest. Be a little helpless doormat & don't consider that maybe men shouldn't do this stuff either. I actually had a boyfriend tell me about wanting to date a friend of mine who was dating his frat brother, expressing regret that he didn't "get to her first." Gee, thanks for taking me as sloppy seconds!

If you can't be personal or honest with someone, then you certainly can't live with him/her. That house of cards falls apart the minute you are in close quarters. For the record, the cat is #1 over some asshole guy who'd just leave in 2 seconds. In a functional relationship, there's no competition b/t your significant other & the pet(s). They are equal. My husband & my kitty are equal: they have different roles & importance to the family. The cat kills vermin that intrude on our peace, warns us about bad people & snuggles up on us at night. Plus, my husband got our cat w/the animal abusing bitch. The cat simply claimed me later on.

Hey, Glamour magazine! Do you think I liked my ex telling me to shave my girly areas so I'd look like a 10 year girl? See, a lot of that goes both ways.

Finally, I was reading entries in this online childfree group I used to belong to but after seeing too many child-hating jerks decided to leave. One of them was discussing an initiative among some companies to allow babies in the workplace.

Not babies in a day care facility at the workplace but putting babies into the workplace of people trying to do jobs.

Could you imagine that in the entertainment field? In some agent's or lawyer's office, that baby would be exposed to so much swearing & vulgar language it would start talking like Tony Soprano when it got old enough. Putting them in some spaces is just downright torture for the baby & everyone within a 2 mile radius such as a CLE course.

I'm all for day care in a separate area in the workplace with qualified caregivers supervising the kids but actual babies in the workspace of others??? Hell, no!!! Who is that stupid? Who cares so little about productivity and the bottom line to approve that one?

I think a better solution would be more generous pregnancy leave for both genders such as in Canada, France & the like, day care in more workplaces (so kids can also socialize with peers & see their parents on lunch breaks) and some compromise on both sides of the table. I don't have all the answers there but I think those are better than just letting babies come into the office with you to rest in your cubicle.

Finally, I've not heard about whether people actually diverted the TSA enhanced search nonsense last week. I hope there was a TON of it. That whole thing bothers me & is just another good reason for me not to fly. I had enough bad experiences with missing luggage, bad landings & total incompetence leading to flight delays, long before the 2006 liquid ban that sounds like just another attempt to extort money from working people by making them buy overpriced beverages at airport shops. Until I know a competent pilot with a private plane & can fly first class, I'm not getting onto an airplane if I can help it.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the contest announcement.

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