Tuesday, February 1, 2011

General Musings Part 15

Wow, I've made it to 15 of these. I still have even more rants in me so hang around for more of them.

Today's highlights: Learned the verdict of the desktop PC & it wasn't nearly as pricey as we thought it might be. Legs are a little sore from my first Intro to American Jiu Jitsu class (yes, taking more self defense training since I have been harassed before though thankfully not put in a dire enough situation to get serious psychological scarring).

A tip: don't start problems with people who have unresolved rage issues. I don't care if you weight 5 times as much. Believe it or not, I'm a surprisingly peaceful person & more of a reactionary than an aggressor. I react to situations; I don't start trouble.

So since more links are piling up, on with the musings.

A big thank you to Jesse Ventura for this. I read comments on a law school scam blog where the author thought it was ridiculous to sue over this kind of thing. Seems you can tell who's become a defeated person based on these responses. I also suggested to the blog author that if she indeed has what she claims are "fabulous ta-tas," she could parlay that into a job at a local strip club or even work as a web cam girl & make enough money to pay off her law school loans. For that matter, she could use such a job to find a political figure or some other high profile rich person to extort so the loans get paid off and/or she gets the finer things in life.

If she has no problem with the scanners, I see no reason why she shouldn't just do one of those jobs. You know these images will get misplaced & eventually get posted online. Look at how many shady things the government has done & the leaks.

Me, I'd rather my private parts STAY that way, especially from TSA officials. I don't care what label you want to put on it; it's still a violation of basic civil rights. So if Jesse Ventura is being forced to go through this as well & has had enough, who can blame him for suing??? Not me.

I have a comment about this story. New Yorkers, in my experience, are not the rudest people. Atlanta is much worse. "Southern hospitality" is not present if you're taking MARTA. I had this scumbag (in manner & appearance) stand in front of one of the turnstiles at my local station & claimed the other one was messed up, despite their being no sign on it.

I went into the second one. My thoughts were "Do you think I'm stupid, asshole?" One surefire way to make me hate your guts is to insult my intelligence. Didn't like another scumbag trying to harass me & my husband at Port Authority either. We walked off from this nosy man who thought we going to tell him where we were going.

One of the first rules of city living is NOT telling strangers where you're going. You can also get vibes from people & when I get bad vibes, I move away.

On more events in NYC, there's this planned change to the dress code of cab drivers. Nice to leave so much ambiguity, guys. Someone might define "professional appearance" as wearing a bikini. And let's not get into standards of neatness or cleanliness. I'm sure there'll be lawsuits sometime.

I'm happy to hear about this. Not that I own a gun but I do believe in the 2nd Amendment & that restricting all the guns only makes it easier for criminals to find victims. I see no harm in having ammo to protect yourself if someone tries to hurt you or your loved ones. Granted, if I had my way, spring gun traps would be legal but that's because I don't have sympathy for blatant criminals & think a little personal accountability never hurt anyone.

Oh, and this is total crap. I wanted to have a cat who'd sleep with me at night on the bed & never had one until I met my current kitty, who adamantly will not move. He lives inside, doesn't hang around other animals & is probably cleaner than me and my husband. I don't kiss the cat on the mouth or share food with him because that's just gross but he can lick my arm or my hand. What about the psychological and calming effects of pets??? These researchers must have ignored that.

Finally, you should apparently go to Twitter to rant about companies. See, going on the Internet can be helpful to weed out self-serving BS and get to the truth of bad situations. Can't reach a CEO? Just go to Twitter! Isn't technology grand?

I just wish our Belkin wireless router would have a decent Internet connection instead of claiming not to be able to load Google or Facebook. Their tech support has not been nearly so helpful and I think it's generally a good policy to avoid buying your computer products at Best Buy unless you know a particular brand VERY well & can get it at a good price. It's too late to return the thing & we only got to try it out once before the return period for Best Buy ended due to our PC's problems w/the Ethernet card.

Finding a good computer repair shop is the ultimate challenge but thankfully, I did find that in NYC.

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