Monday, February 7, 2011

Don't Call Me a TV Star & Some Sanity Returns to the Workplace

Okay, seems I did make it onto tonight's episode of Gossip Girl. Didn't watch it & didn't tape it (to the shock of my mother). But as predicted, my sister called me to tell me where I was. It was the scene where I & a few other extras were personally directed by Andrew McCarthy. My dress also apparently looked black on TV b/c my sister claimed I was wearing a black dress.

It's NOT black: it looks dark but it's actually sparkly & more purple/red/blue. Apparently, I was facing right at the camera & since I was the only redhead there I'm definitely noticeable.

This prompted more from my family than the things that really do count in the industry like my being a lawyer or working with a film company that got distribution for some of its films.

God, I'm really hoping no one contacts me out of the blue about it. I know finding natural redheads is very difficult & if I ever star in anything, finding me a stand-in will be a total bitch. You can't even dye your hair my shade of red.

Really don't want the surrender of my private figure rights, either. If you become a public figure, it means you have fewer rights when it comes to negative statements made about you in public forums. It's much harder to sue people for it & win if you're a public figure or public official. I may lose those private figure rights anyway because of my behind the scenes career but being a big time performer of any stripe would definitely cause me to lose them & in an instant.

Let's face it, I've had flack without being famous. One of my guy friends also said something interesting to me on Friday: he claimed that I don't have to flirt b/c guys are simply attracted to me "like a moth to a flame." I'd need not just one but a team of bodyguards if I were famous. Did get that shirt I felt was perfect if you want to avoid the paparazzi or just piss them off for fun. Any aggrieved actors I meet who I like will find out how they can get such a shirt for themselves.

Once more, don't you dare call me a "TV star!" Seems I have to say this more to family & people outside the business, though I bet they won't watch other projects where I'll be speaking & doing much more. Call me a TV star when I start getting stopped on the street for TV work & not just b/c some people think I'm pretty.

And finally, the feds have decided to return fairness to the workplace.

I'm hoping this will create new regulations for non-union jobs as well. Thank you, protected speech. Getting butt hurt b/c you didn't like what an employee said about you on Facebook & then firing them is immature and asinine.

Hardly the same thing as sharing trade secrets or confidential information under a non-disclosure agreement concerning a business transaction. Have the balls to talk to the person in real life about their comments; for all we know, there could be something illegal or shady going on that the law, top brass & others can't help you with or are simply ignoring.

Social media has an important use as a leveler against corruption. I have no sympathy for companies that get called to the carpet for cheating investors, lying to the public on safety matters, willfully ignoring potential lawsuits, etc. if they are guilty. You can't sue if you are guilty of this stuff since truth is a defense to defamation, as I remind the corporate cheerleaders who are more than happy to throw someone under the bus for not being a shiny happy face about their job when they go home. Those sheeple need to be exiled & dropped off in some dictatorship & those who want to live in a free country should be brought back in their place.

Thank God someone's thinking like a human being instead of a machine.

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