Thursday, February 3, 2011

Surprising Facts About the Legal Field and Inane Nonsense

So, today I get in touch w/the contact for a job I've been waiting to hear about. Apparently, now I'm going to be the in-house lawyer & need to get both an attorney escrow account + malpractice insurance ASAP. My task today was researching costs (because if you want me to do anything benefiting a business I don't own, you're going to have to pay for it).

Good news: Apparently getting an attorney escrow account (technically known as an IOLTA/IOLA account) can be done without spending a fortune or actively holding lots of funds in there. Those concerns have been paramount for me as I had a business checking account closed due to my not taking clients for a long time. I never had a trust account since I never took on real estate clients or people who needed funds held in escrow.

At least if I represent people in the future, I know I could get one easily enough.

Malpractice insurance quotes are more complicated but at least someone gave me a range to take back today. I remember writing on legal malpractice insurance before in this blog, but in case you don't know policies in the entertainment field are the priciest of any other field in the law.

A couple years ago when I researched getting coverage for myself, I'd have had to pay $2,500 a year. When you can't even afford reduced private loan payments of $500 a month, coverage isn't going to happen. It's also more beneficial for people who have assets & things to lose; I'm not one of those people (at least, not yet). You'll have to get in line behind the student loan companies if you want to collect a debt from me.

However, unless your state has a mandatory insurance rule, you can simply tell potential clients about this BEFORE you retain them. That's what I've done with a detailed explanation in English on what it means for them & people who wanted to work with me never seemed to care.

Furthermore, asking an attorney to be your in-house lawyer is a whole different ballgame in terms of salary. I also have significant experience at in-house work so a fair rate for that level of responsibility is in order.

Bad news: I heard about an internship I'd want to do & am not sure if I can do both. I'm drastically overqualified for it but the networking potential would be great & I'd not have to spend my own money to do it. Sorry, but not reimbursing for travel means I'm PAYING to work for you.

I'm not sure what the terms are but wanted to go to the interview to see why the interviewer chose to speak to me, drastically overqualified & all. Maybe things would be different but I'm not going to know until I find out.

I also don't know what flexibility I'd get w/this other job. I don't want to work the mega-firm hours or give up my personality; heck, I think my personality probably helped me get the job. No giving up other things or not spending quality time w/hubby, even if he fears getting laid off.

So, at the moment it's just insane but guess that's what you get when you live by the philosophy of not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Now, the inane nonsense:

This article just pisses me off. I will happily take a teddy bear or chocolate, don't expect my man to dress up unless we'll be at a formal event & don't consider Valentine's Day a day of celebration for any relationship I've had. I'm lucky not to suffer some kind of misfortune with my track record. See the post on my history with Valentine's Day.

Piper Weiss is apparently a judgmental harpy who wants to categorize ALL women that way. I have to wonder about her relationship status & how healthy it is if she has one. I can tell you MY relationship is quite healthy, thank you very much. A real one has no need for pretension or utter bullshit like this.

You already know my feelings on illegal immigration if you've read earlier entries. I really have no problems with states doing this. As one commenter put it "What part of the word "illegal" do you not understand?" When you don't bother learning a country's primary language & go around waving your native country's flag while protesting about your rights in this country, you get NO sympathy from me. The people hiring these folks get even less sympathy. I take displacing MY family and friends or harassing them very personally. Read earlier posts if you want details, as I've actually experienced that from these saintly illegals (I will not use the PC term so don't ask or expect it).

Oh, yes. It seems that if you want to get a deal on Yelp in NYC, you have to enter credit card information on an unsecured page. Are these people stupid? Can't they provide a telephone number or fix their page so we don't have to risk theft to buy a deal there? That's exactly what an unsecured page is; cyber criminals could see your financial info & take it.

I wanted to get one for a discount at a shooting range for me & my spouse but I didn't feel $60 was worth risking some criminal stealing my debit card account number & taking all my money. If you'd risk this, you're an idiot who deserves to be robbed.

The day has been SUPER busy but hopefully things will work out.

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