Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Review in Basic Common Sense

There are people who could use a refresher course in that. Here are a few.

First off, I get this message today from someone through my website which was witty but appeared to violate Rule #1 of trying to get on my good side: No Unsolicited Material.

If you go to any website or profile associated with me, you'll find that everything with a space for it says not to ask for favors, send unsolicited material & the like. That includes asking me to send your materials to someone.

Since I wasn't 100% sure if this person was seeking an attorney manager or just an attorney to send submissions to people who were already interested in seeing the work, I decided to ask for clarification.

Recently, I got an offer for free Google Adwords access & decided to advertise my services as an entertainment lawyer, among other talents. If it leads to paying clients, that's fine but I don't work for free in this field.

The page the ads are linking to has as the very first thing you see a statement about this very issue & how I don't wish to be treated as a tool for you to get famous.

In short, sending unsolicited material to someone who says not to is the fastest way to torpedo your shot at an entertainment career. That has to be one of our biggest pet peeves.

Industry insiders: am I right or am I right?

Second, some chuckleheads who decided to become public figures are apparently whining about that status. Dina Lohan is one of them, as she's apparently trying to tell the writers of Glee how to do their jobs.

I heard of people trying to tell me to "be nice" in my job at that scam TV network (you can read more about that in an earlier post). Know what my response was? Essentially, fuck off & go to Friendly's if you want friends.

In this case, maybe this woman & her daughter should stop doing stupid shit & presenting themselves in a bad light if they don't want TV shows like Glee to make fun of them. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. I'd be happy never to hear about the Lohan family again & don't keep up with it b/c their antics are that inconsequential to me. Live with your choices & stop annoying the populace because you're butt hurt about some story or event.

Finally, I saw this & think I should probably come up with such a list myself. However, I never actually did a truly hated job since I never tolerated BS. Perhaps I can relay experiences of those I know who had truly terrible jobs & why I'd never do them.

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