Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Sanctity of Marriage (Yeah, Right)

I just saw this story yesterday about NY state FINALLY getting w/the 21st century & adopting a no fault divorce law.

So people opposed to the new no fault law claim that the sanctity of marriage will be destroyed if NY adopts it? Let's consider a few things:

1. The other 49 states have a no fault divorce law & the Earth is still turning. God hasn't sent any meteors to the states allowing this or the US for legalizing abortion.
2. You can get married if you're under 18 in some states & get a quick marriage in Las Vegas. See Britney Spears.
3. Gay people aren't being allowed to get married but you can get a divorce by yourself in most places & simply say that you're just not getting along w/your spouse.

If you ask me, I think the sanctity of marriage has long since disappeared. Claiming there is sanctity in marriage today is like saying bubble gum is a health food.

Now that doesn't mean some marriages don't have sanctity. I certainly think mine does considering I love my husband, have never & would never cheat on him and don't view my relationship as "till death do us part...until someone better comes along." There are people who manage to have marriages lasting for decades & are still happy.

Problem is, the divorce rate is still very high & I'm sure the rate of unhappy marriages is up there as well especially when people can't afford to get separated.

If you want to make marriage sacred again, how about not allowing people to get married without basic counseling, full disclosures of anything that could be a deal-breaker & institute a waiting period.

Let's also not allow divorce without reasonable guidelines for domestic abuse, infidelity, etc. Finally, stop encouraging "starter marriage" or marriage with someone who's a terrible parent if you wish to have kids (to be disclosed long before you walk down that aisle).

I see no reason why gay people shouldn't get married. Not every married couple has children & it denigrates my relationship to say that gay people can't marry b/c they can't breed naturally.

If you want religious aspects in a marriage, get married at your church. Your church should also get to marry anybody it wants to & not marry people who have beliefs they don't agree with. State marriage & religious marriage should have long been separate in my opinion.

But that argument against no fault divorce in New York still makes me chuckle.

I also saw this Craig's List ad & wonder if one of the scam bloggers might have posted it:

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If any of you did, great stuff guys! Seriously. Let me know what responses you get.

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