Wednesday, July 21, 2010

General Musings, Part 3

Sometimes, I accumulate all these links I want to rant about then realize I have too freaking many. So, here we go again:

Apparently, this is what all the umemployed lawyers should be doing. However, let's think for a few minutes on this.

What if you're not working in the criminal arena? And will the FBI hire new attorneys?

What if you don't want to live in DC or any old place in the country?

Finally, I don't see anyone who knows me really being happy with the idea of me having access to weapons & other things you get from being in the FBI. I think they'd view it a bit like handing a machine gun and keys to a tank to Travis Bickle. There's only going to be disaster from that.

I like how Jason Latshaw thinks but perhaps he should hang around some bitter, unemployed attorneys who lack career prospects before endorsing their membership into a government organization responsible for bringing wrongdoers to justice. If some of these attorneys haven't become wrongdoers yet, I think they will pretty soon out of economic necessity, anger or psychological problems. I witnessed some of this firsthand when I did my first and only document review assignment.

Okay, pretty much all of mine & my husband's exes are, in fact, crazy. What do you call someone who:

* Puts hair clips on a cat's tail to discipline him
* Demands their significant other to immediately end all friendships with members of the opposite sex existing long before the relationship started
* Tries to elicit sympathy from your family members by discussing your relationship problems with them instead of his/her own family
* Tells you "I want to get married." & is only dating you for that reason
* Claims he/she wants to be a musician and live in New York City but then moves to Arizona and makes zero effort to find a band, practice or perform for anyone
* Sleeps with everyone in a major city (male & female) while lusting after a military member stationed overseas & dating you
* Still calls you after you mention that the person brought roaches into your parents' home
* Gets you soap as a Christmas gift when you shower regularly & have no problems with BO
* Drinks like a sailor and picks fights with strangers while you are driving

You'd have some of our exes. Oh, and saying "we're soulmates" in my world just means you're in lust up to your eyeballs with me. There's 3 simple options to the whole crazy ex thing:

1. Don't do the same shit everyone else did. I'll be the first to admit that women as a whole are crazy & some of us deserve the negative things people say about us. If you want someone to give you a chance, stop repeating everyone else's behavior.

2. Find someone whose ex stories are as bad as yours. Worked for me.

3. Create an act & take it to the road. Use the experiences to become a comedian, writer, something creative. It's cheaper than going to a therapist. I do some of that as well.

This topic has been done too death. If you think the choice not to breed is selfish, then how about you get a hobby? How about working in the court system or in a family law office that handles lots of cases dealing with children in awful situations? Perhaps adopt a few kids in this country.

Otherwise, keep your damn mouth shut & take your religion back to your church. I think once we accept this reality & make voluntary sterilization more accepted (i.e. no Spanish Inquisition for childfree women over 18 to get it done), we might be able to meaningfully tackle the abortion issue.

I think medical providers should be held liable for rejecting someone for sterilization who later has a child that becomes neglected or abused by the same woman either directly or indirectly. Local government & the court system should be able to get involved as well since that doctor's attempt to play God wasted the court's time & the government's resources having to intervene in neglect & abuse situations. Might teach some doctors to stop assuming a grown woman is broken if she doesn't want to give birth.

The ones who live in this century are a treasure & should be nationally recognized for treating women like adults instead of baby incubators.

Also said this ad on Craig's List for an "intern assistant."

Looking For An Intern Assistant (NY)
Date: 2010-07-15, 2:32PM EDT
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Looking for an intern assistant for a growing fashion jewelry company. I need a reliable person who is trustworthy and willing to work and learn. Please send me an email asap!

* Location: NY
* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
* Compensation: no pay

PostingID: 1844679924

I hope they just forgot a slash in between those two words. Otherwise, this has crossed a new level of ridiculous. No one needs to "assist" an INTERN. If your intern needs an assistant, then the intern is a moron who should have been tossed out before that ever happened. Or that person is no longer an intern & needs to be called something else + paid a proper salary.

Damn link is gone but thank you to the other states! It's not just me. Keep your eyes peeled for the revolution since this just looks like another sign in that direction.

I agree with the people who said Mom needs a hobby. If I let my family pick a spouse for me, they'd probably have picked Psycho Boy. They'd have never met my husband & they still think I should be okay with the idea of seeing him attend my sister's wedding, where I am standing up for her as a Matron of Honor. They seem to think I should be okay with it even if I was there alone.

I think it's because the women in my immediate family never had exes; they married all the guys they dated. At least they like my husband & my in-laws like me; if either of them were still talking to our exes socially or bringing them to family events, I guarantee that we'd tell those family members it was disrespectful to our current person & we'd cut that family off in a flash. I feel that if you're going to marry someone, you need to not put them in uncomfortable situations or force them to hang around exes. The idea of it is downright offensive & distasteful to me.

Yes, I definitely speak as someone who doesn't believe there's such a thing as truly being "friends" with an ex as a general rule.

This guy is awesome. It would cause chaos but I still think espousing anti-establishment views is an awesome thing & support any political figure who has common sense + thinks outside the box regardless of what the press might say. Bravo!

And finally, this.

This is all b/c the media got involved. $1 million says that if the media hadn't intervened, this woman would still be tossed out on the street. I'm glad for her not letting bigots in government push her around; we know bigots are out there & with all the old rich white men in government, I'm not the least bit surprised.

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