Monday, July 5, 2010

The Heat Wave

I love living in NYC but one thing I don't like is not having central air in the summer, especially on heat wave days.

When I lived in CT, we had 2 A/C units in our windows. One day when it was over 100 degrees, we were just lying down in the living room near the A/C or sitting in the bedroom w/the door closed. Around here, we do much of the same.

Unfortunately, we have our A/C units in a spare room & the kitchen, both of which have outdoor views where there are people. So we have to keep the doors open so our bedroom & living room won't be completely unbearable. Ceiling fans help but being in this place isn't the same as central air, even when you can have Naked Day. I also don't wish to have people see me naked who aren't married to me, thanks.

Since sitting at the computer is Hell, literally, I may not be posting as much in the next few days. At least we got a new standing fan to make it a little more tolerable in the living room. Writing even gets hard in all this heat.

And for any people in the Southwest who dare to call us Northeasterners & Southerners pussies, you try dealing w/that heat in our humidity. You people get dry heat & less humidity; why the hell can't we see some of that on our coast? I've never been farther west than Texas but I've heard that 100 out there is tolerable unlike here where you'd be about to die.

One day, I hope to do some traveling & that will be one region I visit.

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