Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Administrative Stuff & Rant

Okay, I finally added a profile pic since I could & figured I'd add Daria since more than one person in my life says I'm the real life Daria. In fact, that's how I met my husband even though I was never as bitchy as she was to her boyfriend.

Also added tags to my entries so I can keep up w/what I ranted on vs. what I didn't. Makes finding particular entries a little easier for readers as well. Go ahead, pass along my rants to friends if you want to. Dissenters just better be prepared to talk to me directly & debate me w/facts.

Going through all of it, I realized I still have a few rants in me & didn't update on a few things. I've got a major one I'll probably be doing tomorrow since the guy I was supposed to have the business meeting w/over a week ago has been MIA. After ditching the meeting in the first place & not personally contacting me on that, I might add. But more on that tomorrow on the off chance this guy's had some kind of phone & computer malfunction that's made it impossible to reach me in over a week. I have more ghetto trash to warn you about as well. Business owners & entertainment types, take heed.

My husband's layoff was rescinded since public sentiment & the City Council intervened to avoid the massive library system shutdown. Less pressure but the job hunt is still on. Now my husband just needs to sit down & figure out what he wants to do instead, what he's passionate about and how he can do something else that will pay more money + not make him want to murder everyone he works with.

I've been getting good news on the job front where I'm at but do you think the employer I left after three days has bothered paying me like he claimed he would???

Hell no!

So now, I've dismissed this guy as another scam artist. Because I have zero loyalty to attorneys who aren't my networking contacts (all of whom have some understanding of how creative types function), I'm not publicly identifying this guy.

If a piece of information helps a large group of people who'd never do the same for me, I shed no tears for any of them if they find themselves in a situation I could have warned them about.

I'm sure those of you in entertainment would feel the same about warning people who've screwed you over or sabotaged you in some way. Attorneys as a group don't deserve that type of public service from me so if you're really curious, you'll have to ask me directly so I can tell you in private.

Officially, I think I'm done looking for a steady paying day job since I know what I want to do & just need to get paid opportunities for it. Those days may be coming soon & I don't care to screw over people I've agreed to help out. Short term work is cool; long term work is not unless you already work w/me or spoke to me about it.

Really, I don't think my head is there for job hunting subterfuge. I saw a job listing today for a Legal Recruiter that read more like an Exec Asst to CEO position & I proceeded to write a Peter Gibbons tome asking questions instead of sending in a resume. Not sure if my honesty will win points or not but I just don't care anymore. After all my experiences, I don't think it's possible for me to be your typical job hunting candidate. I feel more like one of Marie Hilley's kids after they discovered their own mother caused their illnesses by poisoning their food.

How can you possibly trust any employer if all the job ads you answered that led to jobs were for people who never paid you for the hours you worked? I have to ask questions about something as basic as that; how many people can say the same?

Speaking of mothers who aren't right in the head, I read this gem of a story today.

Since I saw no space to comment there, I'll do so here.

First off, what the holy fuck is wrong with you if you have a child you give up for adoption, look him up when he's a teenager & then have sex with him, especially when he's 14. This woman claims she had sexual feelings for her own son. Her flesh & blood! Can we say "sick"?

Second, she claims she doesn't know why it happened & is going to get counseling. In my personal opinion, this is not something you can get counseling for & be cured of. I took Abnormal Psychology in college; we never had the discussion about people having sexual feelings for their own children, or even that it was a mental disorder that some of us future psychologists should be on the lookout for.

This sounds to me like something that needs a simple cleansing of the gene pool since this is a genetic issue. If mandatory sterilization were allowed, I'd argue that this woman should get it. After all, would any of you men want to stick your dick in any orifice of a woman who had sexual relations w/her child???

Even in your horniest moment, I can't see that happening. You think Harold & Maude is creepy, this is downright sick. At least Harold & Maude weren't blood relatives!

I have to wonder what else happened in her life & how the child is reacting but I still wonder how this child ended up doing the deed w/his own mother. Did he know beforehand? Was it like that episode of Strangers with Candy where the new guy Jerri likes is actually her son but she doesn't know that until later on? If you've not had the pleasure of seeing it, watch that show. It's not PC & a total satire on after school specials.

Let's not defend incest based on what went on in royal families or biblical times. This isn't biblical times & this woman is not royalty. If you think that sort of thing is cool, you need far more than counseling & I say this as a crazy person.

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