Thursday, June 9, 2011

General Musings Part 22

Now that the whole wedding experience has been purged from my system, I feel like things are more back to normal. Crazy, busy and nuts: certainly. But it's MY crazy existence and I can say that there are few dull moments.

So, the time has come for yet another general musings post. Here goes:

* First, let's talk about the ridiculous amount of student loan debt graduates end up with. This story claims that there are young people who feel "empowered" by having debt.

Well, how the hell else should they feel? Do you want them to feel suicidal? Hate ALL the baby boomers for never retiring and getting out of the way so younger people can get the jobs paying fair wages? Maybe they ought to start murdering people who refuse to retire so they can get jobs that pay better than fast food worker. Would you rather they do that?

If they killed themselves en mass, who'd pay for the Social Security benefits most older people get? Maybe we could start offing Wall Street executives & government officials who should get out of the way. Any young person's feeling empowered by being in debt is all their fault anyway so I'd think these people would consider that their personal safety benefits more by that mindset than if young people felt cheated, betrayed, angry and lacking in any incentive to care about the rule of law or going to jail for murder. That just leads to lashing out and people getting hurt.

Consider that there is currently a class action lawsuit against a Tier 4 law school by recent graduates who are suing on the basis of misrepresentation of their job prospects after graduating & obtaining non-dischargeable student loan debt to the tune of six figures.

If you go around thinking that the economic background you're born into is where you're stuck at, no matter what you do, then unless you're rich you'd either kill yourself or become a criminal. I'd certainly do it. There's zero incentive to do any better & if you hate where you came from, you're fucked pure & simple. Not a smart way to organize society since you'll lose a lot of intelligence, diverse viewpoints and innovation. How many advances came from people who didn't start out as millionaires?

I rest my case.

* Thank you, Alec Balwin for summing up much of my opinion on the whole Anthony Weiner "scandal." How many people have done far worse things and STILL got to hold on to their congressional seats? What about Rangel or Bill Clinton or plenty of other politicans who did all sorts of egregious things like stealing from taxpayers, voting against the will of the people, etc.?

At least he didn't beat a woman up, use the taxpayers' money to visit his mistress or deny the whole thing. He manned up, admitted to things and didn't make some grand apology about how the devil had control of his mind like some other people I could think of.

I don't think the man should resign since to require politicians to behave "honorably" or thinking such a code exists is laughable at best. He's at least being one of those honest politicians that I mentioned would get my respect. Is it embarrassing for him? Sure, but I think it's time we joined the 21st century and got off our collective "holier than thou" high horse. Those calling for his resignation: what skeletons would we find in YOUR closet? How many misdeeds have you committed while a public official? I'm sure you've been in lobbyist pockets' for ages and done enough to warrant a charge of treason.

Unless you can prove otherwise (which I strongly doubt you can), perhaps you should shut the hell up, all right?

* This man is a piece of shit. I'm being dead serious about that.

If you have not heard, this scumbag decides to get even with his ex by putting up a billboard about how he lost his unborn child because his ex decided to abort it. If that's not cheap, judgmental and tacky, I'm not sure what is.

He's trying to claim it's a free speech issue, much like the military protests at funerals by Westboro Baptist Church. Yeah, let's think about that:

1. If you allow this kind of speech, you stigmatize abortion. Abortion is still legal, nut jobs.

2. If abortion is stigmatized, that means more unwanted children and kids in the foster care system. Not every pregnancy results in "pretty little white children" to quote Uncle Ruckus from The Boondocks. If a child doesn't fit that category and family is not willing to step up, the future is very grim for those kids. Not every parent is June and Ward Cleaver (from a 1950s show called Leave it to Beaver, for those who may not know the reference; it was known for presenting the perfect, happy family)! Get your head out of your ass and join us in real life.

3. People have glossed over the privacy implications but I bet it's because they are men. If you are a woman and don't see how a ruling for this man will affect you and your rights, then you need to get your head examined & stop listening to people like Sarah Palin.

4. What about doctor/patient confidentiality? That will be a total waste in the case of abortion, especially if you were required to tell the sperm donor about the abortion prior to getting one. I shudder to think what kind of father this man would be. What would he do if his kid turned out to be gay or took drugs? What if he wanted his child to play football but that kid didn't want to?

5. What about the implications for victims of domestic violence? Are you going to make some woman bring a child into that situation for fear that the abuser will do this in retaliation and get away with it under the auspices of "free speech?"

This shithead, Greg Fultz, is nothing but an abuser, plain and simple. What else can you possibly infer about someone who does this to get revenge on a woman? I certainly wouldn't nominate him for sainthood, though maybe the lunatic fringe of the pro-lifer crowd may try to have him canonized.

This woman did society a favor by not bringing into the world a child who'd probably be just as stupid or ugly as this man, not just physically but mentally.

I'd also bet you a million dollars that if she got pregnant and kept a pregnancy to term, he would not step up if it was inconvenient for him. How many men claim they would stand by their pregnant mate only to ditch them later on when the reality of parenthood hits, oftentimes before the child is born? It's not all cuddles & ice cream, you know.

Men absolutely deserve equal rights and should NOT be forced to support children they don't want but until society stops acting like all children are loved and wanted, there won't be equality on this issue. I'm all for fairness to men but until we can sue them for violating legal contracts on conception and child care and adult women who do not want kids can get voluntary sterilization without doctors bullying them out of it, abortion is just a sane and necessary option.

Certain US politicians are just trying to turn women into slaves and objects once again (maybe some abroad are as well but I don't know). That doesn't help and I hope those affected by these people will personally send a message to these misogynistic pieces of human garbage. If they lived in my district, I'd sure as hell give them a tongue lashing they'd not soon forget.

Should you happen to read this, Mr. Fultz, my speech is OPINION, which is not actionable as defamation. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it! If you manage to find a woman willing to have sex with you after this, I will be shocked.

* Finally, I read this today and something occurred to me that might not have occurred to you when you read it.

I remember getting out of school early in the late 80s/early 90s because of lack of air conditioning at school. Why in the hell are schools STILL without AC? It's only gotten hotter in 20-30 years during the summer. Surely some school districts could have prioritized getting air conditioning in the schools over crap like whether one's loved ones make too much noise at their high school graduation or some girl wants to go to school with red hair (I still can't get over that one & would love to see how these Texas school officials acted toward me with my bright, naturally red hair). Certainly most places should have planned for it, especially in the South. Now, if you're in the Midwest, maybe it's not sweltering, sticky hot that much. If you're in the South, it's inexcusable.

Where's the parental outrage over this? I hope there is some. I would certainly have some if I had a kid attending school in one of these districts.

Now I should see if it's still raining outside.

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