Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When Laws Become Asinine

Yes, laws/regulations/rules CAN be asinine. If you think they are not or that it never happens, then you're an idiot who needs a good punch of common sense. Thankfully, I don't have to deal with such mental midgets in real life; I just have to read their rantings & realize they do exist.

Consider this situation. I say "Go Anonymous." There are crybabies who seem to think it's perfectly okay to demand people to have permits to feed the homeless, using the rationale of poisoning or community aesthetics as an excuse. I also hear the one about lawsuits as it relates to poisoning.

Okay, morons! Go back to the entry I wrote about how retailers waste things such as clothing and food.

When I hear such arguments, my brain hears "I'm an idiot who has no clue how the legal system works nor has ever been anywhere near hard times."

Let me clue you in on a basic reality: poor people don't have the resources to file lawsuits. If you think poor people (who do have roofs over their heads) have a hard time commencing legal action, how likely do you think it would be that a homeless person will be able to do it & win??? Filing a lawsuit costs MONEY! Getting a lawyer costs MONEY; most of us won't work for free & probably don't want smelly homeless folk in our offices. Legal aid might help you but they have waiting lists a mile long & budget cuts have consistently made need for legal services far greater than the resources they can provide. It's a very old & well documented problem. You may as well start banning convenience stores from selling lottery tickets to the homeless for fear they will get a paper cut & sue.

I've said it before but it bears repeating: the lawsuit argument is stupid!!! I've not once heard a credible attorney make that argument b/c we all know that homeless people don't have the resources to sue anyone, much less some mega-corporation or even a non-profit that has some form of legal representation.

Normal, thinking people aren't stupid. We know political games when we see them. Apparently, so does Anonymous.

The scum trying to defend the status quo or saying "use the legal system" would be better served & respected by admitting they are naive or elitists who are part of the problem. I don't see these people trying to help anyone or do a damn thing that isn't self-serving in some way. Granted, there is the theory that there's no such thing as an altruistic deed. That may very well be true but the ones whining the appearance of homeless people or shooing them to the country aren't exactly helping as much as living in a state of denial.

Maybe you should rethink your support for foreign aid spending & the politicians you vote for when there's blight in your own backyard. Ever consider that? Or are you just so stupid we have to pray evolution will take care of you in due time?

I think arresting people for doing a good deed is disgusting & if you're defending it, I have to wonder if you're a school administrator since doing so sounds an awful lot like that type of logic (especially high school administrators). The ridiculous acts of school administrators are so well cataloged and known that further comment on my part isn't necessary. This blog & mainstream media have covered these acts quite nicely.

Another thing: corporations lie. Consider this.

Me personally, I'd have demanded these bitches be fired publicly and loudly but maybe that's because I worked in retail for so many years and experienced public airing of private events myself. It might also be the fact that I would NEVER tolerate it in my own business & think these wastes of life are far too immature to be in authority over anyone. I certainly hope they don't have full time custody over any children or animals because I can't imagine what that home environment must be like. Nor do I have compassion for scum or trust anything from a corporation's PR team. The PR team is SUPPOSED to issue bright shiny statements when unflattering incidents arise.

I've heard people talk to me about everything under the sun & seen things fall apart in an instant. Plus, I know a thing or two about how a business operates. Call me cynical but action is the only thing I care about; talk is cheap & doesn't impress me as far as big companies are concerned.

I'd definitely never set foot in that location & believe Starbucks deserves everything it has coming to it, especially for being hypocrites. Some people are smart enough to recall things & hold life-long grudges (like yours truly).

Kind of makes me glad there is no Starbucks in my neighborhood. Heck, I might protest even harder against it & use this story as an example of why you should not support them. Inaction means you're condoning the behavior.

I also know enough people who hated Starbucks for other reasons & this is just icing on the cake.

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