Sunday, February 27, 2011

Haters: A Sign That You've Made It

Seems everyone I know who is actually doing something has haters. You know what a hater is, right? Someone who's got nothing better to do than threaten, harass, stalk, impersonate or do anything & everything to bring someone else down.

Here's what haters aren't:

A) Ambitious/Hardworking. People who are ambitious are too busy doing things for themselves to try sabotaging others.

B) Important. Important people are needed & far too busy to send threatening messages, create hate websites, stalk people or bother others.

C) Somebody. You won't stay a somebody very long by threatening others or sabotaging them because you'll never have time to focus on your own career and your own work.

D) Smart. Haters don't think about how they just make the object of the hatred more important & noticeable. If someone has haters, it means people have some reaction to them instead of total indifference.

I know people who have vocal & downright pathetic haters. Any recent haters I have would be saddened to know that they're not the first and certainly not the brightest people to hate me. I'm sure they won't be the last, either.

They should also be praying harder than anyone for my success. After all, idle time on my hands means I have time to hunt down saboteurs like wild animals & come up with some truly vicious psychological torture that will make them cry for the sweet release of death. Ever think of that??? Or that you might just move up to the tip-top of the list?

Haters who think they can silence me are sadly mistaken. In fact, it's been my goal in life to exist just to piss off anyone who'd dare to stop me from doing anything. No one will take my voice & I'll die free before I live a coward.

So I have to agree w/the wisdom that says "If you have haters, you must be doing something right."

Haters also seem to take out their hatred of life & personal situation onto others instead of working to make life better for themselves. You're also pretty pathetic if you go around hating people who aren't even mega-famous or millionaires. At least one could have some sympathy for those haters instead of thinking you're too sad and miserable to go get laid, find a nice job or do something more productive. I know there are much better things to do in life than hate the author of this blog, who's neither famous nor rich. You'd have to be insane to want to live my life from birth to the present.

And I know there are better things to do than create hate websites dedicated to people who don't even live in the same country as you.

At least haters give those of us who have them badges of honor & proof we're doing something right. So there.

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