Saturday, February 19, 2011

80's Nostalga: Why's It One Big Jock Fest???


I'm what my sister calls an "80s child." I was a young kid in the 80's but I wished I was older since my experiences were extremely banal. I have fond memories of many 80's cartoons, including Jem, Thundercats & more popular fare but also the extremely weird and obscure like Moondreamers, Lady Lovelylocks, Noozles, Pole Position, etc. I also happen to think music, movies, pop culture as a whole was a lot better in the 80s than it is today, particularly when it comes to issues of political correctness. Case in point: who'd have whined about movie characters smoking in the 80s???

Now, there's a lot to be said for today's increased racial diversity (though we're still a long way from an even playing field) but I think many things from the 80s with respect to pop culture were better then than they are today. You also can't truly bring back the 80s as long as prices are what they are & stupid reality shows that aren't "reality" at all are ruining the air waves (basically, any show where someone's using it to become famous or that features a contest fits that category as opposed to shows where you simply follow a normal person being normal who isn't trying to get rich).

There's lots of shows today that reference the 80s for humor, including Family Guy & Robot Chicken. Both shows have done some extremely funny things & pokes on 80s stuff. I also love the Family Guy FCC song (and if you haven't heard it, go find it NOW since even lawyers will get a kick out of it).

Here's my beef, though: why the fuck don't we have nearly the recognition & skewering of girls cartoons from the 80s??? You'll see references to obscure boy stuff like G.I. Joe & other stuff I considered boring as a girl watching 80s cartoons (and little reference to Pole Position, you jackasses!). Just referencing Jem doesn't cut it!!

Yeah, Jem was one of my favorites growing up & if it came out on DVD again at a fair price, I'd want it. After all, that show had some of the only childfree content you're going to see on TV. They weren't having babies or taking care of them: they took care of older foster girls. I recall one episode where a character was considering getting married & the other band mates told her not to rush into things. They weren't a bunch of marriage cheerleaders like many women in shows, animated or not. In fact, watching Jem probably inspired me & lots of young girls to want to be famous singers/musicians.

Despite all that, I'd have a lot more respect for some of these shows if they put in some of the obscure girl cartoons like Moondreamers or Maxie or even Lady Lovelylocks. There have to be some women contributors who can get that in there.

Until you have it, I'm going to get irked & peeved with the excess satire of G.I. Joe. Plenty of girls cartoons could use some nostalgic skewering; am I going to have to do it or will someone else take this banner? For the love of God, someone take that banner!

I'd also have more respect for the people at Robot Chicken & Family Guy if they did add more truly obscure references. I, as a twisted person with a long memory, have got a LOT of ideas.

By the way, who's still scared that Hey Vern, It's Ernest got a DVD release recently??

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