Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Okay, Where's the Personal Responsibility?

This story just rubbed me the wrong way.

I think the reason it did is because it just reeks of no parental accountability. An attitude of "Oh, I'm deferring to authority."

So, if someone claiming to be God told you to sexually molest your kids, would you do that too?

Newsflash: there is NO legitimate school of psychology or psychological treatment that says you sexually molest your kids. I know I'd have remembered hearing about that when I was earning my BA in the subject. Not to mention I could go ask actual psychologists about such things.

I say the parents who listened to this guy deserve just as much if not more condemnation than this criminal. I'm sure they simply needed an excuse & found the words of some online stranger to be a convenient justification.

I also found this story interesting. I know that anyone who doesn't have one would probably tell you "Heck, no! Get to the Ivy League ASAP!" For law school, you'd be told the same thing.

However, I think it comes down to how much advantage you take of any college experience. What classes you choose, how much you study, etc. The quality of professors also comes into play & Ivy League schools usually mean you're being taught by a teacher's assistant (not sure about law school but I know that's true in undergrad).

Personally, I don't think my life is empty for not having gone to an Ivy League school. I hardly went to Clown College or Clown Law School, especially based on stories I've heard about institutions that should be renamed that. A sign that you didn't go to one of those is that no one chuckles when they hear the name of your alma mater. I also hate the snobbery of certain Ivy League graduates (not all since I've met some who are as nice as ever & despise the snobbery as much as anyone else).

I'd think going to an Ivy League school would be a disadvantage to some people since you're being branded with some bad things & have to overcome it if you aren't the stereotype. I have to do that at times in the legal field amidst people who hate lawyers b/c of the stereotypes about them.

Finally, give it up for Robot Chicken for asking the question I've been dying to have a chance to ask of fundies. That is, does God hate abortions or sex education more? You can't outlaw abortion & make contraceptives impossible to get; it's one or the other. Abortions or increased costs to Medicaid, the court system, social services, welfare, etc with all the unplanned pregnancies + teen mothers. Bravo for doing social commentary.

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