Thursday, October 28, 2010

Got a Website

Just decided to buy a domain name after setting up an account w/Mix Form. They're a company that has online portfolios for creative people. I met their reps at Showbiz Expo a few weeks back & asked them about how one in my shoes would set something like that up. They assured me that if you do a lot of different things, you certainly can set it up.

So after doing what I can to get the site to look just as I want it despite not being a professional web designer or having the $ to get one, I decided to see if I could buy my own domain name & what I'd get. Little did I know that I could use my legal name w/.com at the end.

So if you go to, you'll get my accurate info. I also link to this blog & other places. One thing you're NOT going to see is my personal contact information. That's because it's not the general public's business. I've gotten harassed & stalked and I'm not even famous. The website has a contact link so I prefer stuff like that to being personally e-mailed or called on the phone. Creeps exist, you know. You have to be careful.

That's also why I wouldn't encourage anyone else to harass or stalk someone I had no ill feeling toward. Combine this with a protective streak and it's not pretty.

Just today, some shithead from a scam company decides to call my house for the second time after being told that no one by the name they asked for lives here. If you work in a business where people will not respect your space, you can have the phone company list your number under a different name. This course of action was actually suggested to me by the person at the phone company setting up my account. This was before I worked in the entertainment field & just based on me being a lawyer. So when this particular scamming company calls up asking for the alias name, I know it's not for me or in any legit. Online searches of unfamiliar numbers also help.

I tell the person that there's no one here by that name & tell them to stop calling.

Shithead decides to call back. I again state it's harassment to continue calling when there's no one here to speak to by that name. THEN, the phone keeps ringing multiple times, doesn't go to voice mail, then rings again. I picked up the second time this happened (after I hung up after my initial exchange) and asked "What is your name?"

The male voice says "Fuck you. I'll call here if I want to." I tell him the call is being recorded and I'll be reporting him for harassment. Asshole continues to call again & again. I make a phone call to the local police precinct. No one picked up when I was transferred for this issue. The shithead even tries calling while I'm on the phone w/the police.

Right now, not getting more calls but in preparation I decided to alert the phone company. They gave me a procedure to follow & if that fucker calls me again, you'd better believe I'll be pressing charges.

In case you wonder, it's a 406 number and Caller ID lists it as "Perfect Network." Perfect network of what? Morons, maybe. Didn't pull the lawyer card but perhaps that will be a nice surprise for what happens when you harass me & use profanity at me. They'd better hope & pray I don't get crushed dreams & idle time on my hands to go find their headquarters, get a loaded gun and take out the foul mouthed little prick who thinks he can speak to me that way. For that matter, better hope my husband or other industrious family members don't decide to do that.

At least I feel less unappreciated with the group in issue I wrote about before but one valuable thing I've observed. Most lawyers get subtlety. I don't have to say "Well, I'm doing anything for you b/c you didn't do something for me." The majority of them get it, which saves time. I should really watch a CLE now since I have so few left to finish & can turn in my forms when I go to the film screening at the bar association where I ordered the programs next week.

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