Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Get Off Your Butt & Take Action

Well, I had a horrible day before my husband came home. I'm still not entirely big on hanging around the general public & tomorrow's my 4 year anniversary. Yes, I got married on October 13th; Friday the 13th, in fact. That was deliberate & as my husband isn't some traditionalist with a perfect love life, he was all for my idea to do it. Even now, Friday the 13th tends to be a great day for me & for him.

So, my horrible day. Here's a list:

* Go to the subway station. My closest station has full body turnstile gates to get in. I scan my card & go in after the person in front of me like a normal person. The gate swings back & hits me in the mouth, causing it to bleed. The gate is apparently defective in having the little swing back after you've paid. My lip has a noticeable spot & swelling where this happened, ruining my plans to kiss my husband good-bye this morning.

You'd better believe I'll be making an issue of it w/the MTA & that if I EVER get injured anywhere I'll be filing a lawsuit immediately. I'm even tempted to find Jay Walder's personal telephone number, call it up to give him a piece of my mind since I bet you a million dollars those pricks won't fix that gate & publish that number for the populace to ream him out for supporting the massive fare increase in December. Will I be mentioning that I'm a lawyer? Do men check me out all the time? The answer to both is a resounding "Hell, yes!"

* When I get on the subway, I realize I forgot my lunch so now I have to spend money to buy some. This after STILL not getting my first paycheck for a temp assignment I've been at for over a month. If that's not fixed, I'm not paying transit costs to do a freebie. I have too many other more useful things I can do at home & I don't need the hassle of finding a parking space or altering my sleep schedule. I also don't take kindly to not getting paid & have no tolerance for waiting around for my paycheck. That's the same song & dance I got from Bennie the Con Man and he had to pay for my travel or I wouldn't show up.

* Then I find out my cell phone battery is dead, meaning I can't call anyone or speak to my husband during this crappy day.

* Work became a few catastrophes with color running out of the printer, the phone not ringing through, etc. but did resolve itself. Thankfully, I was doing something requiring me to be alone; that was great b/c I was definitely in an anti-social mood.

* After work is finished, I go to the subway station to refill my MetroCard. The machine says the MetroCard can't be read. Funny but I used that card this morning to suffer the mouth injury. I go to the agent & apparently, the card is damaged. However, she says that the last time the card was used was on Saturday. It doesn't say a thing about this morning. I know I'd have been more pissed about going to the other side of the station, a number of blocks away from my home, to get a new card & have $ for the trip.

* While trying to get home, my iPod battery dies. Can this day get any better?

* Of course, I arrive home & there's no parking on the side of the street I need to be on for Thursday. What a shocker!

On top of this, we find a mouse in our apartment on Sunday. Rather, the cat does. Apparently the landlord thinks the holes in the wall don't have to be sealed b/c we have a cat; I plan to suggest that he pay some $ toward the cat's upkeep if that's his justification for not taking care of this. I'll also see what the city would have to say about having your renters live in a mouse infestation or their home being a wayward area for them despite your having a cat. The landlord knows I'm a lawyer & lawyers are better known for not taking shit from others.

The fact that we have a cat is irrelevant to this b/c what if we were allergic or were banned by the lease from having one? I would never live someplace that banned cats & I love my killer feline but if he's solely responsible for rodent control, that means a rent deduction until this problem's resolved. Same w/the messed up radiator that hasn't been looked at in our bedroom. If that's not resolved, I don't get full rental value of my home & you don't get full rent until it's fixed.

While on the subway this morning, I come to a realization. It's a very good thing that I am educated & know how to enforce my rights. Being a lawyer also pretty much tells the world that you know this stuff better than the average person or at least can locate the proper resource. If I were not a lawyer and people wouldn't bother listening to what I had to say, I would snap. I couldn't take being some poor person who's trampled upon and ignored. Being oppressed would cause me to snap, form my own army & take down some scumbags.

I was thinking about that classmate of mine who recently robbed a bank & realized I would never rob a bank. That's just stupid. A smart person would get a job, gain the manager's trust & then be an embezzler who doesn't get caught. Maybe that shows you a bit of the intelligence divide as to how you commit theft. I think most people would want me to help them commit a crime since I'm the type who if I do something, I'll do it extremely well.

Also, I don't tend to be a top suspect in a given situation. When I was in high school one day when my teacher had been a chaperon for a senior trip, I didn't have a class or teacher to go to since I was the only non-senior in that class. I walked around the halls, waiting for someone to stop me since I had no idea where to go or what to do & would have loved to hear what one does when (s)he has no class, no teacher + the classroom door is locked.

People around me were being stopped by teachers but no one ever stopped me. I bet I could have gotten away with leaving the campus if I'd had half a mind to do so. Well, and a car but I ended up hanging out w/another teacher in her class since it was her free period & I wasn't interrupting a class.

Oh, and I'm quite certain I could have effected a school shooting situation in high school that would have made Columbine look like nothing and would have been far better at it since I had access to things you average student didn't. No one planned that one b/c I'm pretty sure I've have been asked to participate given my general dislike of being here to start with, being a big mouth rebel + that special access/trust. I'd have certainly heard about it considering I'd have done it myself if I hadn't seen a future for me outside that town. I still think if you really want to do that right, then you have to recruit a "good kid" who's trusted by the man, so to speak.

Take a lesson, power brokers of the world. You don't want smart people to languish & get no opportunities to succeed or you just get master criminals. It's a point I've made before but I'm very committed to it and my first hand experience tends to support it.

On that note, I think smart attorneys who are so downtrodden & unable to find employment would do the same if they had lived in some of my situations or understood the concept of asserting yourself. I also think you're better off doing what you want in life, even if you aren't getting rich than to be miserable but have tons of money.

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