Friday, August 6, 2010

My Singing Debut

It went well. I came in there, did my songs. Unfortunately, the act was cut a little short due to time but my spy tells me I did very well & people responded to me. It's that feeling that makes you a performer; when being on stage is something that gives you a high. I've felt that since high school, honestly. Even though I wasn't even close to well-liked, I always got acknowledgment for my creative abilities. Let me give you an idea of what I mean:

When I was a senior in high school, I sang in my school's talent show. Most of the performers came in with R&B influenced songs & acts (hey, my high school had a very significant black population & a good chunk of those people were my friends). I, being the non-conformist I am, choose to sing a song by The Cranberries. I spent my youth hating the fact that I was different & had a perpetual spotlight on me b/c of my hair but by the time I got to high school, I'd learned to embrace my differences & keep following my own drummer.

So what happened afterward? I got asked to sing in the weirdest places & at the oddest times. When I was getting someone out of class as a guidance office page, a whole class asked me to sing. When I was working at JcPenney one day, a group of girls walk by singing the song I sang in that show.

The most unusual was when I was going to Pizza Hut with my mother. One of the employees recognizes me as "that girl from the talent show" and asks me to sing. I started singing & my mother's dumbfounded. She can't believe I'm standing here singing in the Pizza Hut for this person.

I say "Mom, if they hated my singing they wouldn't ask 'Will you sing?" They'd say 'Never sing again.'" And they did indeed ask me for that out of my having talent & not to make me look bad. It was a victory considering I was extremely paranoid about people's intentions in those days. I had good reason; most of the kids I had to spend time with were gossipy, manipulative assholes. Guess that's why I refuse to work in the typical law firm job as an associate, huh?

Now, time to watch Rocko's Modern Life for as long as I'm able to stay awake.

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