Sunday, August 1, 2010

General Musings, Part 4

Just realized more links on here that I was going to comment on. A lot of them refer back to rants/posts I've already done so please use the keywords to find them.

This is why you make sure to sign releases & have your legal documentation in order (ideally, you get an entertainment lawyer). You never know if you're going to become famous & even if you don't, it's still a headache to get sued even if the person suing you is a big fat liar. I don't know the details of this one but little surprises me these days & I'm just waiting for the money hungry types to come out of the woodwork in the future once my ventures gain more prominence.

Here's another interesting story.

Personally, Elton John makes a good point. Most of the entertainment industry would shut down in this country if gay people refused to work due to their lack of rights in particular states in this country. My personal views aside, I wish some of these people exercised as much effort in protecting the rights of citizens in this country who are dealing with much worse.

Finally, this ridiculous article.

You want to check out in the fastest way of all? Go to Stop & Shop where they have the cool scanners that keep you from dealing with all that nonsense. Demand your grocery store to follow suit, especially if you're a stockholder. I know in the Northeast there's all that union noise but why isn't this commonplace in the South?

Also, I don't abide by any company keeping workers that refuse to do their jobs or can't do them even after lots of training. You can't do much if the CEO's doing that but I have to wonder why any CEO would deliberately behave in a manner that causes his/her business to suffer such as continuing to pay good money to some flunkie who can't do their job. With all the unemployed people around, you could find someone who's twice as skilled as such a flunkie & who'll work for 1/2 the pay.

Perhaps I don't care & I'm heartless but I do believe in a thing called personal responsibility & work ethic. If you want to be a smart ass to people, then work as a collections agent. Become a lawyer & then do what I'm doing; no one expects me to be nice & it's bad for a lawyer to let people walk all over him/her. These stores would save on paying labor & could keep the people who are good at the jobs for checking IDs + doing the stuff you can't do on the scanners. Corporations are already hated by the public & I don't see Wal-Mart being overly concerned w/their image problems, so I really don't get why they don't just go full steam ahead on this.

As for sympathy to the people who are getting attitude w/me b/c of their paycheck? Not my fault you hate your job. Take that complaint up w/the main office instead of being nasty to customers. I did my retail stint & I'd never have done that. I also complain on people for stuff like that since I have this history & indeed could do the job better than some of the types I've had to deal with.

Oh, and I have even less sympathy for people who complain about situations & NEVER do anything to make it better for themselves like finding a job they'd like or getting an education to get their dream job.

My view is if you can't do something better than whoever you're complaining about, you need to shut up. If you can, then speak up. I won't trash someone's drawing skills or his/her cartwheel but I will complain about bad singing, customer service skills, public speaking, film plots, anything I have enough knowledge & skill in to have a valid gripe.

Doing otherwise would make me look stupid & have no credibility.

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