Sunday, August 22, 2010

One More Reason to Keep Me Out of a Law Firm--Sexual Harassment

Right now, I'm listening to an early No Doubt song called "Trapped in a Box". I remember hearing this one in my head a lot when I was on my first & last document review assignment in Newark. It really captured my feelings while I was doing it & sort of sums up why I'd never do it again. I miss No Doubt since I don't care for the Gwen Stefani solo stuff; however, I maintain that you can like some artistic piece or connect with it without becoming an irritating pain in the ass who makes the artist uncomfortable, pisses them off or alienates other listeners, viewers, etc.

People like that annoy the holy hell out of me on a serious level. I'm not about to declare anyone my god or someone who is never, ever wrong. Those people live up to the term "fan", short for fanatic and make anyone daring to call themselves one look like a stalker in the making. It's why I hate the term "fan" and refuse to call myself one when it comes to anything.

I happened to be goofing off online last night when I come across some entries from a legal scam busting blog called "But I Did Everything Right". It's a great read & while I come from a different viewpoint + function very differently from a lot of these people, they do make some good points. One of the posts I saw that caught my eye discussed rampant sexual harassment & illegal questions in job interviews.

In particular, this is sexual harassment toward women that everyone's apparently aware of & couldn't give a damn about. Since I have no concern about the legal field blackballing me (in fact, I'd wear that proudly like a badge of honor) or even defending criminals, I would definitely do something sinister to someone trying it.

Did you know that in all my years of schooling & even working for someone who sexually harassed others, not a single person has ever sexually harassed me? No one ever made a pass or did anything inappropriate to me.

You're probably thinking that in my hometown, of course no one's bothering me. My father would kill that person considering he threatened to do it when I was being teased by that kid. True enough.

But it didn't happen in college, law school or to this day, not even in my single days. I personally think that the myths about natural redheads work to my advantage sometimes; let's face it, it's better for scum like this not to be around me or mine. They'd never survive intact & bad things would happen, if not from me then definitely from others. After working someplace where it happened, I really don't have a good impression of a workplace that gives even silent approval to sexual harassment. Actually, that's an understatement. It's more like I view that workplace as equal to working in a strip club.

It also makes the whole wearing business suits and concern about pics of drunken antics on Facebook downright hilarious, even farcical.

So, thanks Angel for giving me a wonderful, valid reason to share w/the Doubting Thomases & Debbie Downers who think I should throw away once in a lifetime opportunities I've gotten in my dream field for the chance to work in some white shoe law firm. Anyone who knows me well enough would agree that it's just buying trouble.

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