Saturday, August 21, 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World--I'm Not Getting It

Seriously, ever since the first time I saw the trailer for this the film didn't appeal to me. To my understanding, guy likes girl & has to fight her 7 exes to win her heart. What the holy fuck?!?!?!?

Now, I think Michael Cera should be given more diverse acting roles & an opportunity to break out of the awkward, geeky kid box (though he does play that very well). I'm also aware that the director of this film also directed Hot Fuzz, a great film starring Simon Pegg (whom if you haven't seen in Shawn of the Dead or his other stuff, you really should ASAP--I still want to see Spaced sometime).

I also will admit that I'm not the comic book reader in my house & have no interest in seeing the movie. Nor am I the film critic writer: that's a task best left to my husband.

But...there are 2 major areas of realism I have a serious problem with as a feminist that are repelling me from this film.

1. The whole idea of having to fight exes to win someone. First off, no one and I mean NO ONE gets that kind of control over my life. If I'd ever had an ex trying to interfere like that in my life after a break-up (especially if he'd dumped me), I'd knock that person across a room & either kill him or make him wish he was dead. And if I was a lesbian, you'd bet I'd do the same to any woman trying that. I don't find that kind of thing sweet, romantic or endearing in the least.

Honestly, I would be furious at someone for doing that. If someone I knew allowed an ex to do that to them, I would re-evaluate my friendship w/that person & ask why they're allowing this ex to control his/her life. Ultimately, that's what it boils down to for me: if you can't make clean breaks from people to where they at least mind their own business & don't interfere in your life once you've moved on, you have a serious problem w/not taking control of your own life. Should we also expect your parents to chaperon us on dates & micromanage every single little detail of your life?

To my knowledge, theses exes are not the fathers of any children belonging to this female lead. One ex is apparently female.

Even then, those exes don't have the right to demand you to stay celibate for the kids, tell you who to date or attempt to fight would-be suitors i.e. interfering in your private business.

2. One of the exes our lead has to fight is a male rock star.

Give me a fucking break! Can you say "unrealistic?" No actual rock star would be fighting some guy over an ex, okay? A real rock star would have his pick of groupies & sleep with as many as he could. He'd be a "love 'em & leave 'em" sort; not the type who's still hung up on some ex & fighting a new suitor. Maybe a wife or if this ex had kids w/the guy but some past fling w/none of that?!?!?! I wasn't born yesterday; don't insult me.

Can anyone tell me why my inner feminist shouldn't be offended by the premise of this movie? Don't tell me "it's based on a book" or who the people in it are; I know that already.

I make my film viewing decisions based mostly on how the plot sounds, not who's acting in or directing it (unless I personally know an actor, producer, etc. involved in the film but then it's about showing support for a colleague you like or at least don't wish harm on). Anyone can be involved in a turkey from time to time.

Please don't tell me I'd like the special effects; maybe they are good. However, cool special effects (among other things) don't make up for a bad plot/premise; it's like building a mansion using toothpicks & chewing gum. If your foundation sucks, it affects the whole house.

If you've found out something that redeems this premise, let me know. Otherwise, I demand to see a film about a man who allows his 7 exes to interfere in his life to the point that would-be suitors have to fight them. We wouldn't praise that guy, would we?

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