Friday, July 30, 2010

Seems Life Works in Mysterious Ways

So my recent history w/trying to find & keep a paying job in the legal field has been downright horrid at best. I've pretty much gotten comfortable with working on my creative stuff, preparing for my singing debut next Friday (see my FB if you're friends w/me; if not, send a friend request) & helping out in my ventures regardless of pay rate.

I'd actually just spoken to some of my entertainment colleagues when the phone rings. It turned out to be a recruiter from a staffing agency that saw my resume on & liked what it said about my unconventional experience. Apparently, there might just be a job out there for someone w/unconventional experience like mine. For once, having a JD was helpful! After being told I would indeed get paid i.e. not be working on deferred compensation or downright lied to about getting a salary, I thought I'd at least come in for an interview.

I went in and I suppose my having a personality didn't harm me at this point b/c she said she'd pass on my resume to her client. However, if this client gave me an interview & actually took me seriously (forget hiring me) I'd be shocked. How come?

A) I hear this is a major law firm. I'm the antithesis of the BigLaw associate stereotype.

B) I hear it's a corporate atmosphere. For my views, it's code for "become a conformist." I really can't pretend not to have one & while I don't discuss work stuff here, I just can't censor a blog that exists as my personal rant platform. In my own experience as management/supervisor, I don't want to pick people who have no personality at all & whose pages are the same as everyone else's.

C) Law firms tend to be against anyone having an outside life. I will not give up my entertainment stuff or my creative endeavors. Disclaimers on my stuff? Sure. Not discussing confidential matters? No problem. Not pestering your clients? You don't even have to ask considering I work in entertainment & there's a code against that kind of thing. I never ask for favors since I think it's rude to use people in that way.

Giving up my endeavors? Not on your life! That's a deal-breaker. You have to look out for yourself first & foremost. I'd also have to be stupid to give up viable entertainment opportunities considering not everyone gets those.

The job itself sounds really interesting & I think it would be something I could do well, even enjoy. I'm just not sure there's room for my personality. You're not going to convince me that it's a wise use of time to scrutinize private social networking pages or that such things aren't used to engage in unlawful discrimination against people. Telling me to be what I'm not is like stabbing me in the chest with a knife.

I'm also still going to feel as I do about job interviews but I think I do better when I don't try to impress anyone & just be who I am whether you like it or not. I really think we need a new system and I say that from having been on both sides of the table. Sorority recruitment week is much the same thing; you think you're learning things about people but you don't find out about the important stuff until you let these girls into your chapter & spend time with them during your own events. I remember that after the first time we went through it, I wished I'd had some more meaningful questions to ask & gotten some better insight into our recruitment participants.

If by some miracle, I actually got serious consideration or even got this job I would die of shock + be forced to re-evaluate my perception of big business. Do I think it will happen? No, but I do thank that recruiter for speaking to me & not making me feel like my background is inferior or deficient because it's not like everyone else's. That is a welcome change.

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