Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Spiderweb

As an attorney, I have ethical obligations (believe it or not). Under state admission rules, an attorney's conduct is watched far more carefully than that of the average person. Attorneys who participate in criminal activity or wrongdoing of any sort could lose their bar licenses. Aside from this, I happen to be an ethical person.

Unless you're harming a huge, faceless corporate entity that has screwed others over in the past (in particular me or a loved one), I'm not the person you bring in to help pull a scam. I'm fairly honest & value my reputation.

That being said, I learned recently that my day job is a complete & utter scam operation. Here's some reasons why in the order I learned of them:

A) A writer informed me that the CEO gave her & others checks that bounced like rubber balls.

B) In a writer's meeting, the CEO apparently told the writers that one of the network's shows is "filming, airing on TV right now" & finally, claimed it was being edited. I know for a fact all 3 assertions are bald faced lies.

C) Another writer apparently called DirecTV & learned there was no contract w/the CEO or the company. There's also no budget for ANY of the shows or the company itself. Even if you're not good w/that kind of thing, you always get someone who is & can produce those things from office files if asked.

D) The CEO is running a casting couch. Apparently told an actress that old lie & may STILL be sleeping w/her. She's apparently now working in the office after the tidal wave of resignations.

E) The CEO put a former employee's safety in danger after this person tried to be ethical & gather evidence. The person has received written threats & was on an elevator where the CEO tried avoiding getting his face on camera + looked as though he'd kill this person.

F) The guy has done this before. There's a RipOff Report about him doing it w/a prior business venture & using a different last name.

G) The guy has not only done it twice but did it multiple times across the country AND has multiple aliases.

H) Finally, he's apparently been sleeping w/not just one but MULTIPLE young actresses. Probably feeding them the same BS.

So, no $, a casting couch, slandering people & trying to threaten them. Nice, huh? The financial thing was enough but truth be told, the casting couch is sufficient for me to move on.

Why would I leave over the casting couch? Well, the first reason is what I said before in this blog about that issue. The second reason is I'd have to admit defeat. After all, I'm NEVER sleeping w/a boss to get ahead.

I believe in keeping your work life separate from your private life. Don't shit where you eat, fish off the company pier & all that stuff. I have no chance in hell of being perceived as a capable professional who deserves more responsibility if I have to compete w/someone who's giving sex away like candy. I also don't care to be viewed as some hooker instead of a legit professional doing a job.

One actor I informed of this said something that I'm very happy to hear. She said that I was the only person in the office who seemed to be concerned w/doing a job & was the most professional. I also gave an air of credibility to the whole thing, according to her & my leaving made her think twice about hanging around.

I wish more people thought that way. Unfortunately, there are some morons who haven't gotten it & will end up going down w/the ship if they keep it up. Even a few employees have held out & the person who informed me about how prolific this con man is says they'll be getting arrested along with him as accessories since some of them know the deal & are staying anyway.

The idea itself is sound but not w/certain people & not in that toxic atmosphere. I even found out the CEO was talking trash about me to others. Being your classic "mean girl," so to speak. That's something else I can't stand & it's pretty much a Southern tradition.

I don't know if there's a way to make it legit but if there is, there won't be the utter disorganization, total lies or lack of an open forum to air one's grievances. Not to mention that if you're going to do something, you need to do it right or not bother at all. I despise half efforts.

Now I have another rant in me but this has needed to be said.

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