Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Caving to Public Pressure

I saw this story not long ago about how animal rights activists & PETA are targeting this figure skater.

Unfortunately, this guy decided to let these protesters dictate things to him. If it were me, I'd be saying "Fuck you." There's a right to free speech for ALL, not just for the opinions we like.

As for my stance on animal rights & the environment as a whole, I really don't fit a set category. I'm not a vegetarian hippie but I'm also not a supporter of unnecessary harm to animals. Guess you could say I'm more of a pragmatist: you're not going to stop the entire world from eating meat, using cosmetics, buying fur coats or not recycling.

If these things cost more money or involve more hassle than doing something harmful to the environment, of course people will do the more harmful activity.

I also think animal experimentation is here to stay unless/until you can use stem cells or human beings for those experiments. Part of this comes from the fact that I took science courses in school & originally planned to be a pharmacist so I'd know how to make drugs. I have a respect for science & common sense as opposed to regressing to living in the woods and not having modern conveniences.

So if PETA and environmental groups really wanted to advance their causes, they would not run around preaching to people. Instead, they'd try to make it easier, cheaper and more convenient for people to not harm animals. They'd push hard for viable public transportation everywhere, more incentives to recycle and stop expecting people to spend more money or waste more time doing something more difficult. PETA has just alienated themselves among the general population & become as hated as religious groups trying to get abortion outlawed. Same busybody attitude & no willingness to step up to the plate to solve the bigger problems that CAUSE people to eat meat or harm animals in the first place.

That sort of thing pisses me off when people go on & on about improving one's diet or buying organic food. Make it cheaper if you want people to do it & stop defending the high prices; maybe if that changed, more people would buy better foods.

The only people who don't see this are obviously spoiled trust fund babies who've never worked a real job in their lives and have no clue how the other half lives.

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