Friday, March 5, 2010

Children in Bars

My husband was telling me about comments on this issue yesterday but I hadn't seen it until I did a web search. Apparently, this is what happens in Park Slope.

I'm not big on hipsters to begin with. What I mean by "hipster" is "artist living off a trust fund & behaving as a poser instead of a TRUE artist." Someone who has no originality, blindly follows trends & walks around w/an attitude of entitlement: that's my definition of a hipster.

But worse than a hipster is the "hipster breeder." This means someone who has children & refuses to behave like a decent parent. Taking kids into bars (as opposed to TGIFridays, Chili's or some place that's more of a family restaurant) is disgusting. I think someone who does it should be called out & have CPS investigate them.

Guess what? You get ONE or the OTHER. You can be a single person & go to bars or you can be a parent & raise kids. When you become a parent, it's not appropriate to take your kids to bars, do drugs or expose them to adult activity. Do you also let them watch you have sex??? Light up joints? My sister knows parents who have done drugs while their young kids were asleep in the SAME house & no sober adults were around. How responsible is that???

Part of my disgust comes from the fact that my father's a practicing alcoholic & smoked a fair amount of pot in my late high school/college years. As in, walking into the house and being hit with a cascade of pot odor. Didn't exactly like growing up to see my father get drunk & throw things at us. It's not much fun to have someone embarrass you all the time & having it limit your outside interactions with people for fear they won't talk to you if they know the truth.

When a parent gets so drunk they can't take you to things you were looking forward to or you fear people you know seeing that parent intoxicated somewhere in town, it makes you less enthused about exposing children to drinking.

If you want to be a parent, then be a PARENT. Don't be stuck in your single days.

At least being married, I can go out with my husband and we can speak as adults. If we want to make out or curse, we don't need or want some ignorant entitlemoo (to borrow a childfree term) telling us to shield her little precious from adult content in an adult space. Burn in hell!! No parent I know of would even THINK of taking their kid into a bar. I wouldn't even take a kid to the Comedy Cellar or some of the UCB Theater shows. I would be just as disgusted seeing a kid in a dance club considering the type of dancing that goes on.

I know what raising a kid properly entails & that's why I refuse to do it. I won't give up my career or the fun aspects of my marriage for one; if you'd resent a kid for cramping your style, it means you shouldn't have one. Get it?

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