Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Illegal Immigration & Racism

I'm way behind on my rants & I told you it was coming, but it seems that if you're pro-illegal immigration, you're also a racist.

Have to say I do agree w/the point of the article. I remember being in high school & a friend of mine (she happened to be black) had the EXACT same things to say about the sudden rise of illegals in our hometown as I did. The biggest problem we saw was the utter rudeness we had to encounter; men in these families would leer & stare at you as though you were Cindy Crawford. My own mother was subject to racial slurs, being called "Lucy" by the illegals living in our neighborhood at that time & my sister's friend had some of these assholes making nasty remarks about her butt in Spanish.

Guess what? NO ONE likes being stared at. NO ONE likes unprovoked racial slurs, especially when they've lived someplace a LOT longer than you. NO ONE likes newcomers who refuse to adapt to their way of life & demanding everyone else cater to them by learning THEIR language, letting them run wild on the streets and generally acting entitled to all this nonsense.

My family lived in the thick of this back in the late '90s. It's STILL a problem today; now they're happy living elsewhere. It's not even limited to the South. My husband has told me about the same issues going on in Long Island and the rather clever response of the local racists when there was talk of building a community center for the waiting day laborers; that response was "now we can bomb the place & solve the problem of their presence."

Having lived in major cities as well as my hometown, I have to say that certain areas of the country should not get involved in this debate. In New York City and Atlanta, I have not faced the same kinds of problems. People either know the language or are incredibly polite if they don't. There's very little demands to cater to the foreign language speakers. Many people who immigrated to this country can't stand the illegals who refuse to adapt to American life or deliberately jumped the line & didn't legally become citizens like many of them did; they agree that when you go to a new country, you need to adapt to that country's ways instead of demanding the country to adapt to you.

When I was very young, we lived on a military base in Texas. In Texas, there was a similar congeniality on languages.

Here's my basic thoughts (if you're not fleeing genocide or basic threats to your life):

If you learn the language, don't commit crime, follow our laws & aren't living off the government, you're cool. You're the kind of immigrant who SHOULD be living here & should probably get to exchange citizenship w/some unhappy American who wants to defect (or one of the many sheeple). You deserve fair wages, decent housing and to be treated the same as anyone else in this country.

But if you're refusing to learn English, standing in rallies demanding rights, stealing someone's identity to get a job or license you shouldn't even have, not carrying insurance, being a bigot, didn't bother becoming a legal citizen, have a million kids you refuse to take care of and otherwise acting like a jerk, get out!! We have enough problems w/actual citizens.

I also have some harsh words for employers and people hiring illegals. Cut the crap!!! Plenty of citizens are unemployed right now & deserve better than 3rd world wages. For that matter, you shouldn't be allowed to pay those kinds of wages to illegals either. Just b/c that 3rd world wage is lots of money in some other country doesn't mean you get to shortchange that person when (s)he is in THIS country where things cost much more.

Yeah, there's the noise about the economy & "blah, blah, blah." Prices going up & all that. My response is stop excusing law breaking. Should we also let rapists & child molesters run free? Should murders be treated like nothing since we never punish illegals for anything? I know an illegal who beat an infant & that little girl will never be the same. He also beat my sister's friend; do you think anyone tried to have HIM deported???? NOOOOO!!!

Yet someone from a Middle Eastern country can do something minor & the government will lock that person up instantly. This disgusts me on so many levels, it's not funny. Life isn't easy & I'm right behind the people who say no amnesty for popping out a hundred babies that are getting government aid. I'm sure the next terrorist move will be to make a deal w/Mexico & having terrorists walk in alongside the illegals who stream in daily. That's where the smart money would be.

Let's make such decisions on a case by case basis & keep the people who are following basic laws, learning the language and think of themselves as Americans first & foremost. If my husband or I were in politics, we'd either be beloved or hated depending on who you talked to.

Oh, and if you're not LIVING in neighborhoods w/illegals acting in offensive manners keep your mouth shut. Don't call someone a racist while you're living in a McMansion in the suburbs far away from the realities of an entitled, clannish population that considers you an intruder. When YOU live around these people & see what goes on, then you'll have an opinion worth listening to. Otherwise, no one wants to hear it.

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