Thursday, December 31, 2009

Are You a Feminist or a Feminine-ist?

I saw this article on MSN today.

Along w/this one about how women are charged more $ for things.

Funny, all the women I know are quite frugal & don't use money like water. At least, I don't. My husband & I get along well b/c neither of us is a fan of wasting money.

BUT....I don't think equality would be achieved w/the election of someone like Sarah Palin. How about a woman who's pretty AND has a brain in her head????? In my book, Sarah Palin does not qualify as someone w/a brain. The only 2 things I find redeeming about her is A) she'd definitely rank in a contest for best looking, nationally known politician (some of them are so hideous I wonder why they don't get some plastic surgery w/all the $ they make) & B) she supports the Second Amendment. There's got to be some woman out there who qualifies in both categories & doesn't make womankind cringe at the sound of her name.

I never actually thought to ID myself as anything. I'm just who I am & to make things easier for people to identify my views on things, have said "I'm a feminist but I'm not a lesbian." Somehow being a feminist doesn't only = ugly, it also equals gay.

Generally, people have noticed my brain first. I was considered the ugly girl as a kid; I couldn't have gotten a date w/a hot guy in high school if I'd become a nudist. I also look the EXACT same as I do today; I have the yearbooks to prove it.

Aside from random remarks from flirt guys in high school, no one ever really appreciated my looks until I went to college. Even in college & law school, no one EVER sexually harassed me or thought I was all looks & no brain. I also couldn't flirt to save my life & thought it was a little beneath me to do it when I was on the market.

Hey, if guys approached YOU all the time, you'd feel the same way! If I go out today by myself, even with my ring on I've STILL had guys approach me w/my doing nothing more than being in a room.

To be honest, I think it's a matter of context & presentation. Again, I don't flirt; I'll be civil or nice but I'm happily married & will say so. I'm a straight shooter.

I'd also never cross that line in the workplace or at school, where I'm supposed to be a credible professional. Everyone dealing w/me knows this & respects it. I think doing it just brings trouble, especially for women. Even in the entertainment world, I'm the lawyer first & just happen to fit into that world much better b/c of my background + appearance.

So maybe it's b/c I won't cross those lines or something I present to the world but I feel it's very much possible to believe in gender equality w/out being an "ugly" woman or having to be one.


  1. Great first post Mon! Funny stuff, but also very true!

  2. Didnt mean to say "first post" I was referring to the new year but I see it was today...Cheers