Saturday, December 5, 2009

The First Post

Welcome to The Angry Redheaded Lawyer. I call the blog this since I've been told I dwell on the dark side of things & constantly find something to rant about. I've even been told I'm the real life Daria since I am very sarcastic & tend to see through the bullshit like she did. Daria is also a favorite TV show of mine & I'm waiting to see how the DVD set comes out. If MTV doesn't cut music for the sake of cutting, we're definitely getting it.

Yesterday, I found out that a high school classmate was stabbed to death by her estranged husband. Apparently she'd just gotten a restraining order against him this week & they had 3 kids. He killed her and then went to the next county to hang himself. I'm sure the news in NC is still covering it but it's still a shock. Alison was a cheerleader when I knew her but was one of the few people who didn't play to type. She was in my Physics class & friends w/my lab partner so I talked to her a few times. She told me one time that if we had a class reunion & I'd dyed my hair, she'd kill me. Keep in mind most people tormented me for being a redhead & I couldn't get a date in high school if I'd been a nudist even though I looked the same as I do today + still get hit on despite being married. I also remember her performing this funny song on Class Day the same day (she was a Senior, I was a Junior).

She didn't deserve to be killed. Her kids didn't deserve it either. The only comfort here is that this scumbag killed himself so the taxpayers in my hometown won't have to pay for his upkeep & he won't be getting out to kill someone else. Restraining orders work SOOOO well, huh? I'm sure she had responsibilities & couldn't just flee the state. It's sad that her kids probably saw all this & now have to be orphans but it does put things into perspective. Who wants to bet everyone thought they were some happy family? Just goes to show that you shouldn't wish to be someone else since you don't know what it's like to be that person & you could lose things that are really great about you in the process.


  1. do you look like Meredith from the Office?

  2. I don't know; never seen it. I did often get Vicki Lewis from "Newsradio" back in high school & college. Though I never watched an episode at all, my mom said I not only looked like this character, I also dressed & acted like her.

    The film & TV company I mention have profiles of me w/pictures on them if you're THAT curious. I never think I look good but try telling that to my husband or industry people.