Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Health Care Bill Debacle

Now, arguably speaking I'm not big on politics. To me, everyone's corrupt. Even if I were president, there would STILL be corruption. I also have some personal basis for this belief from working w/a former client. This client essentially told me how one can become a lobbyist & cemented my cynicism of organized religion in the statement that you have to PAY ministers to get involved in moral causes that would benefit them & the congregation they purport to represent.

That being said, we've got FAR bigger problems that the abortion debate. We don't even need to talk about that until ANY adult can get voluntary sterilization without having a passel of kids, psychological problems, hitting the age of menopause or genetic disorders in their family tree. Apparently alcoholism isn't considered a severe enough problem to get sterilized. Nor should the person (especially a woman) be accosted by doctors or accused of being broken in some way b/c they don't wish to bring unwanted children into an already crowded world. I had to fight in NYC to get sterilized despite being: a lawyer, a person w/responsibility in an up & coming entertainment company, married to a spouse who is as opposed to having children as I am & who openly said this to a doctor. Good news is the doctor who did my surgery is a specialist in the area & one of the best in the country. I'd recommend him to any woman.

Maybe some of these doctors can raise kids for the women they deem are "too young" to get sterilized, even though they're over 18. Until YOU'RE willing to do that & carry the unwanted baby to term personally, keep your damn mouth shut about what happens in MY home. All right?

I also question the love of children the so-called "pro-lifers" have. They apparently prefer to see babies abused & neglected by their parents vs. a woman unprepared to be a mother getting an abortion regardless of the woman's age, mental condition, economic standing, etc. I don't see many of these pro-lifers standing up to adopt unwanted children, push harsher punishments on parents who kill/torture/abuse their kids, demand better social services & a more efficient family court system w/funding to match, demand legal reform to prevent lawsuits against doctors performing voluntary sterilization by women who "changed their minds" (dodo heads, the lot of 'em), demand free birth control pills & examinations for women OR give money/support/time/day care facilities/etc. to women they demand to be mothers against their will.

When you work in a family law setting, you realize that God DOES NOT give people babies. That's biology. Now God could have created biology but God didn't sit in the sky & say "Hmmmm, I think I'm going to make that crack addict pregnant to punish her." or "Why don't I make that teenager pregnant or bring a child into that abusive marriage?" Making it impossible for a woman to get sterilized even though she can go to adult jail, own property & be denied lifetime alimony is tantamount to forcing that woman into motherhood when abortion is impossible to get.

Now I don't believe in using abortion as birth control & think there should be limits on how many one can get in a year. At the same time, birth control pills AREN'T free, the pro-lifers don't know what one's particular relationship is like & they have no business nosing around in other people's bedrooms, going double for marital bedrooms. I also refuse to be a second class citizen or be treated as nothing more than an incubator for rugrats. Dare to do that & I'll make your life unbearable.

For the record, this is NOT a slam on Christians in particular. I know Christians who DO live in real life, recognize that abortion's not a "be all, end all" & don't sum up women by their private parts.

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