Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Gloria Glitter Show

Check this out. This is a venture I'm going to be getting involved in & I'm to be performing in it in the near future through creating a character of my own. Considering I don't have the same level of experiences & credits as most actors I know, it's a huge accomplishment for me to get this opportunity. I figure it's also something I'll get to say I did that a lot of people never did & wished they could.

Oh, and the viewpoints on this blog also don't represent the views of anyone involved with this show.

Lately, it seems my only good fortune is coming from the entertainment industry. I think fate must be screaming at me that my stuff there is going to pay off.

Part of the reason I went into the legal field was the uncertainty & difficulties of being an entertainer of any sort. I figured that I didn't need to spend more of my life being broke since I already did that as a child. Now everything I'm doing in the legal field seems to be falling apart unless there's some entertainment industry connection or creative bend to it.

So as I was writing yesterday, I came up with some great questions I'd like to ask career advisers & the "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" crowd:

1. What do you do when your integrity just won't let you work for a scam artist or get treated like a serf?

2. How does one get a job working for someone else in the legal field without compromising personal integrity or ethics?

I just don't see stuff like that happening unless you form your own company & make your own rules. Maybe I'm also too moral, too honest for certain jobs. I feel if you don't keep your personal integrity or adhere to your basic principles of behavior, you're just asking for trouble. I like being able to sleep at night, you know?

So I'll probably practice my singing & continue writing. At least now I can probably write a killer book based on my life experiences & use the rage, depression, and personal fears I've had to confront in writing instead of hurting people.

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