Friday, July 2, 2010

Is It a Scam??

I decided that before I'd make a definite decision about that day job I was working, I'd go read up on the case the company was involved in. Since I didn't get anything in my online searching, I decided it would be a good idea to go to the courthouse & read the complaint + other paperwork.

Good thing I did. The lawsuit was for something far too close to what I was asked to do. Not identical but I think there's enough of a credibility issue in that demographic, especially considering it was a default judgment, that I can't risk my license or my professional reputation on such a company even if I don't get a bounced check & the things that were gnawing at me were nothing unusual. Sometimes, you have to listen to your inner voice & take action.

Honestly, I really prefer a day job that doesn't require much investment for me. I already know what I want to do; if we were getting paid for it, I'd be all set. I wouldn't have to deal w/all this nonsense. Overall, I think I'm better off continuing to write, doing my freelance work from home stuff & keeping up on my entertainment endeavors.

I don't want a day job that requires me to work on weekends, wear shoes that kill my feet, or rely on me way too much. It's so easy for people to rely on lawyers too much; it seems I in particular have this problem b/c of being competent as well as someone most people don't want to kill. There's a shortage of people like that & unfortunately, I have a conscience. I'd feel bad if I let someone rely on me that heavily & then had to leave to do one of my entertainment endeavors. The people in my entertainment endeavors understand; they generally don't demand total fealty or expect you to be someplace the rest of your life.

Since I also promised I'd do this, I'll be revealing the name of the talent management company to avoid: Catalyst Management. I suppose I should give Jeffrey Patterson this: he knew better than to try engaging me further. Maybe he recognized that he doesn't know shit about this business; I don't know. If he doesn't, I'm sure others will tell him in so many words.

I'd like for other industry people to let me know how he treated them even though my views aren't going to change unless I hear some severe mea culpa, which I haven't seen at this point.

I had a business meeting today that ended up being canceled. Luckily, I had to dress nice to go to the courthouse & I have a monthly Metrocard. If I didn't, boy I'd be really pissed. Next time, I'm wearing sneakers and dressing as appropriate for the weather. That way, if I get any more cancellations I can at least go stroll around the city comfortably.

But they don't call me "the enforcer" for nothing; 3 strikes & I'm done. I don't grovel to anyone & I will be a success on my terms--just ask my former legal client who seemed to think it was okay to speak to me like an employee & expect me to be the ghostwriter I never agreed to being. Having money, being famous, I don't care. That means nothing to me: I care about your personality & how you treat me. In fact, having money or being famous will probably just lead me to think I need to be on the defensive + you're going to live up to every bad stereotype that exists.

Treating me like shit has consequences & I don't forget. I also don't forgive easily; if you have a problem with it, take it to the people who screwed me up mentally & caused me to be that way. Psychological factors, you know?

But looks like I'll be coping for now.

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