Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Telling Off People Who Rejected You For A Job Is Fun!!!

Really, it is. A gentle reminder that you are in fact a human being & that you have the memory of an elephant is loads of fun. You can only really do it if the job you applied for has zero to do with what you actually want to do.

I did this with 2 interviews I had recently: one was for this legal staffing agency where I happened to discover more ads posted for the very job I'd applied for and the other was for a writing internship with a company that claimed it would notify me last week.

With the first, I merely wrote an e-mail saying how much I appreciated their professionalism & that it was interesting to see a business that had zero regard for the fact that human beings apply for jobs + the implication that entertainment people remember each & every slight for the future. It was written saccharine but if you have a brain, you could probably detect the sarcasm & nastiness peeking out.

The second was handled differently. I got a phone call back from my inquiry but not from the actual interviewer. I pointed out that I'm well aware of how many companies avoid talking to applicants they've rejected, hoping they'll just go away. I also mentioned that I do, in fact, work in business and know people. Same implication. I said they may want to keep that in mind when dealing w/me though I appreciated having my phone call returned.

You may be thinking "Won't engaging in the snark mess you up?" Nope, I don't think so. If anything, these people need to worry far more about not getting on my bad side since I'm a force of nature who'll get what she wants (if my track record is any indication).

I'm also well aware of the fact that I'm going to have a lot of people trying to buddy up to me sooner or later; I relish the day I get to throw stuff like that in their face & tell them to piss off. You'd better believe I'd do it. I already have it planned for people who were assholes to me & never apologized as well as those who simply snubbed me; they can burn in Hell for all I care.

Don't dare ask me about entertainment stuff or to get you an autograph after you didn't bother to tell me yourself that you've refused to hire me for a job. You'll be told to go fuck yourself if I'm having a particularly good day; you don't want to know what will happen if you ask on a bad day.

I also have no care in the world for people who want to behave unprofessionally. In fact, lack of professionalism is a good way to have me avoid dealing with you. By professionalism, I don't mean a fancy office or attire. I mean basic common courtesy like returning phone calls and treating people with basic respect.

Telling people off on that stuff is SOOOO much fun. It makes not getting a job that much better if you remind people that regardless of what you do now, you may eventually be interviewing THEM for a job or they might have to come to YOU for something. Simple truths like that are why smart industry people don't go around being nasty to interns or the receptionist.

It will bite you in the ass & has happened to many people plenty of times. Yes, I admit I couldn't be a server since I would alter the food of assholes.

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