Friday, June 4, 2010

Apparently, Someone Flunked Business 101

Sorry, as a lawyer it's in my nature to do things like this if I find some lower level person is incompetent or being completely unhelpful. You often HAVE to speak to the CEO if you want anything to get done or to be vindicated in some way.

I would be livid if some company tried that w/me & would be doing the same thing this soon to be ex-customer did. I would also use my experience as an executive level person to ask another one who they slept with or blackmailed to get their job since they clearly didn't earn it on their own merits. Incompetency & the refusal to learn or do ANYTHING just drives me nuts; it's the type of employee I'd get rid of in a second. Still can't believe my own spouse was trashed by co-workers for being competent; that makes me want to shoot these people, smack them upside the head, something. I know why management types want to hire incompetents that need excessive hand-holding & lack creative vision (because they want to keep you down) but I really have no patience for those types.

If I'm able to survive doing something meaningful, I'll just write about this stuff but otherwise, I'd probably end actually doing it. Writing my first script gave me the ability to actually live the situation I was writing about; the events it was based on were unresolved in real life but in my writing, I was able to create a resolution.

Going out of town tomorrow. I think I'll stay up since I have a lot of files to test before I can add them to the iPod, I need to make sure my DVD player is fully charged, pack a lunch (since I'm picky + a cheapskate) & don't think I'll feel sleepy until close to time to get up (5ish, ugh!).

Happy I finally got my first CT viewer; honestly, I'm a bit shocked I haven't gotten some of my highest views in states where I used to live & still know people. For those who have been following my rants, hi there & hope I keep you sufficiently entertained.

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