Thursday, June 3, 2010

Employment/Job Hunting Ridiculousness

Did you think I was kidding when I said I've seen ads demanding experience for menial positions?

I'm not. I saw a Craig's List ad calling for "Mailroom Clerks" paying $12 an hour & demanding 2 years of corporate mail room experience. I made $12 an hour doing entry-level work with nothing but my undergrad degree & it was not in the damn mail room.

Someone is a retard; that's the best way to describe whoever came up w/such an asinine requirement. I don't know if it's the staffing agency or their employers demanding this but either way, this isn't brain surgery. Get a grip!!

Any comments on my use of any terms you might deem "not PC" will be ignored. This blog does not exist to serve the PC police.

Now, the dedication of the guy in this story is a shocker.

Personally, I'd never do it. In fact, I'm the sort who'd look the other way & even encourage people to screw over an employer who paid me nothing and treated me like crap as they do in most jobs like at Waffle House. That's why I avoid applying for or asking about jobs w/anyone who has a history of treating people like crap; I take some careful precautions to avoid working in an abusive atmosphere.

It's also my mission in life to avoid dishing out that kind of treatment & making people unmotivated to do a damn thing for my company. Employee loyalty is a rare commodity; corporate employers, take heed. That sword goes both ways. If Waffle House fires this man & doesn't do something nice like offer a raise or promotion, the owners are a bunch of morons who need to be tossed out on their butts ASAP. If they made the decision, this is obvious. If they didn't, they shouldn't have hired people stupid enough to do that & should be minding the store far more carefully.

If corporations are supposed to be people under the law, then they should be assertive & take a hard line on theft, waste, etc. Encouraging people to steal from you is just stupid & I say this as a lawyer. The liability argument doesn't wash w/me & is akin to posting a sign outside the door saying "Go ahead & steal from us. We won't prosecute & we don't care. It's cool, man."

I dare a major chain w/such policies to post that sign. If you fire employees for chasing shoplifters, you may as well.

Thank God I don't work with or for idiots.

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