Monday, June 14, 2010

Back in NYC

Seriously, I'm happy to be back. For one thing, I didn't work for years to get here to leave & I've been a city girl forever. My family lives out in the country now; personally, I like to live near enough to civilization that 911 can find my house if something bad happens.

I saw Sex & the City 2 w/my oldest friend in the world on Thursday night. Long but engaging & funny movie; seeing the trailer did make me feel like this was less of a blatant attempt to cash in on a franchise.

One thing that impressed me was tackling the idea that not everyone wants to have children & that motherhood isn't all cupcakes and sunshine. I was glad to see a scene where Miranda and Charlotte are talking about how they love their kids but that they drive them insane sometimes. Charlotte also says she's freaking out w/full time help & doesn't see how mothers who don't have that manage to stay sane. Bravo to the writers for that, seriously. Say what you will about Sex & the City but while it may appeal to women, it is very well written. They also haven't changed the core of the characters, which I also think is very important & makes a huge difference b/t a successful product that contributes to the story and a piece of crap that doesn't fit anywhere.

Also settled the wedding color issue. Apparently, people in my family have far more confidence in my ability to pull off particular colors than I do. Lesson being we're all self-critical to an extent.

I don't really like going without my husband, though so I want to bring him in the future. I also don't miss the slow ass drivers; if you tried some of what I saw in Queens, you'd be flipped off, honked at, maybe even killed. Quite frankly, if you can't drive the speed limit & cause a traffic hazard for everyone else by driving 10 miles & more under you don't need to be driving. Your license should be revoked & on one lane roads, the other drivers should get to shoot you without being charged with a crime.

Call it natural selection for the sake of the public good. I think if some cops ticketed these people & made them pay a lot of $, they'd either get the hint or licenses would be gone. Why there is sympathy for old people continuing to drive badly but not for teenagers, I'll never know.

I also like getting to say the f-word without a bunch of flack. I didn't curse as much for the sake of small children but I definitely remain child free. I also feel that I have earned the right to say the f-word if I want to & aren't going around cursing people out for no reason.

I'll be getting back into the groove this week & still haven't done all I needed to today but at least I hung up my clothes, emptied the bags & perused job stuff. I'll also be complaining to Target's corporate office for their store's utter incompetency and attempts to put a band-aid on a gun shot wound. That rant's for tomorrow, though.

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