Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Society Has Had Enough of Deadbeat Parents

You know the type. The people who let their kids shriek to high heaven & continue smiling, chatting with adults, etc. like nothing unusual is going on. Like their little screeching wonder isn't disturbing other people or ruining the atmosphere of a restaurant/public place.

One guy who's had it is Mike Vuick, the owner of McDain's Restaurant in Monoroeville, PA. Read about it here.

This is guy is my hero! I want to know which restaurants in NYC ban little children so I can make special trips there. Especially after today.

I just got done trying to interview people at a local coffee shop (if you want to know the name, ask). If it's trying to be Starbucks, people have a right to hang out & relax there. In a coffee shop, you can have soft conversations & expect to hear the other person. Relaxation is expected. People do homework there, draw inspiration, etc.

When you can't, this means your child is too freaking loud. My sister has a young child & I know she is cognizant and respectful of other patrons. She would never let her one year old shriek and scream at the expense of everyone's eardrums. Nor would she walk into a Starbucks and chat up some friend, all the while letting her child disturb all the patrons.

NOT this bitch I encountered at the local coffee shop.

While I'm trying to finish up a job interview, her child starts screeching loudly. She continues talking to her friend, making zero effort to attend to this child or find out what's going on.

After not being able to hear my interviewee speak I finally had enough, walked over & said I was trying to finish an interview then said "If you don't mind, can you keep it down?"

Deadbeat mother's friend gets all huffy, essentially proclaiming little precious & his neglectful mother have more right to be there than me. I made it a point to express this to my husband after deadbeat Mommy & my interviewee left (had to call him back anyway since he'd called during that interview). She decides to horn in on the conversation saying "Get an office!"

Well, bitch if you want to kick me out, kick out the people hanging out on laptops. Also didn't see you with a container filled with a beverage in front of you at all times. Maybe you should get the fuck out! Go indulge parental neglect at your own house. Deal with screeching there. Don't do it in a public place.

And why is not a shocker that it was white people involved? The Puerto Rican & Latin people in my neighborhood (including my own neighbors) don't play that shit. THEY pay attention to their screeching kids on the train. THEY make an effort! This bitch made none.

I was sorely tempted to say something to the loudmouth bitch when I left but I didn't. If I see her again, you bet I will. Will there be a fight? I don't know but I sure as Hell have no fear toward this old deadbeat (what else can you say about an entitled princess who supports neglectful parenting over the peaceful coffee shop atmosphere).

Coffee shops aren't even for little kids anyway, asshole! They're for grown ups! No younger than teens anyway.

Furthermore, learned this place is a "grade pending" after seeing no signage on it and the manager is apparently not there on a set schedule. They will get theirs, rest assured.

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