Monday, January 10, 2011

Listing the Blog on Kindle, Trying out IMDB Pro & Curious Censorship Issues

So one of my new Twitter followers, who maintains a blog that is apparently in the ABA's Top 100 Blog list did an entry about getting more traffic to your blog if you publish through Kindle. According to him, the rate is $1.99 per month. I may not have a ton of income but I can swing that (thanks for that, Nutmeg Lawyer).

Following that advice to see if I can get a higher profile for this blog (and it will remain a non-censorship space or I'll stop doing it), I decided to sign up. If it's approved & actually goes up, we'll be all set. If they reject mine for a swear word or two, I'll have to remind someone about the book content they've had that triggered mortal outrage like that book on how to be a pedophile. I hardly think my speech in this blog rises to the level of something like encouraging pedophilia. I'd rather just use an accelerated death penalty to handle that problem.

I also decided to upgrade to IMDB Pro, or at least do the free trial. What harm can it do? Apparently, it will increase one's public profile though it's not like I'm doing that much. I also don't really like people getting in my way, so to speak. I already have plans for myself & don't really want that to be changed, even if it's a positive change. You'd have to sell me on some kind of change to my plan, even if I'd get millions of dollars. I've always felt that if I was going to be successful at anything, it would have to be on my terms or not at all.

So in light of the whole Arizona shooting, it seems a lot of people want to go around censoring political speech & "toning down the rhetoric." I just read this article today on that very topic & I have to agree w/the author.

First off, we have a 1st Amendment for a reason. I've never been a fan of so-called "incitement cases" since I think they completely drain personal responsibility from the "incited" party (or since it's usually been minors, the "incited" party's parents). Do people not have brains to think for themselves or parents to check their behavior? And if someone does not, when did it become the responsibility of politicians, movie stars, musicians or anyone else to be the wards of everyone else???

Second, the slippery slope. When you start curbing this type of speech, what next? Movies, music, TV shows? Any entertainment is sure to follow. Next think you know, the news will also be censored so as not to offend the little kiddies.

If I hear anything about some political measure to change speech in anyway, no terrorist will need to do anything about this country: they'll have already won the war. We won't need religious law; we'll no longer be free and soon slide into a totalitarian regime. Islamic terrorists will not have to worry about the US by that point; they'd probably want to consider martyring the shooter in this case if that happens.

I really hope the gunman is being kept someplace where he can't take the chicken's way out & kill himself like everyone else seems to. Make him be accountable & tell people why he did it!

It's bad enough that there's a website claiming even the most banal movie you can think of is objectionable because of "caffeine consumption." I can't find the link but my husband told me about the incongruent standards and ratings of movies today vs. the '80s and '90s + how this country's mainstream entertainment is becoming more sanitized and like a bad '50s sitcom. Enough is enough!

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