Friday, January 14, 2011

An Interesting Way For Women to Pay School Loans & The "Glamour" of Being Rich

Thanks to one of my Facebook friends for highlighting this link.

Are you done reading yet? This prompted discussion w/me & my spouse. We figured you'd better have some limits if you're going to do this:

1. Gender. What if the winner's a lesbian & you're straight?

2. How many people get to win the "prize?" Do you want to be a gang bang or some family's "pet?" There are assholes out there so you might want to think about this.

3. Hygiene. Do you want some guy who hasn't washed his dirty parts putting his dirty parts in you? In my house, we insist on good hygiene.

4. Sex acts. Will the winner get oral? Anal? Get to pour hot candle wax on you? You'd better make that clear or you might get someone who thinks you're losing your oral or anal virginity & not your vaginal virginity.

5. Age. What if your winner is 90 & has no money? Not all old guys are Hugh Heffner or Stefano DiMerra (yes, a TV character but if he existed in real life he'd have 20 year old girlfriends as well), contrary to what they may think. Just because some old guys aren't completely repulsive to particular young women doesn't mean they all are. Figure this one out.

So when I saw this link, it occurred to me that it would be an interesting way for some new law school grad to pay off her loans. Maybe your average law school grad or new lawyer isn't a virgin but there's no law that says you can't lie about it. Or you could simply assert that you're so freaking special & unique that you're worth a high auction price. Natural redheads & little people come to mind. No, I wouldn't do it even if I was single.

Either way, it's probably prostitution so you may want to find a place where you can do it legally but a few thoughts come to mind here:

1. Get a lawyer if you're going to do this kind of thing.

2. Are school debts in relation to job prospects so bad that women have to start auctioning themselves off to the highest bidder to avoid a lifetime of debt? If you ask me, I think if we aren't there already then we definitely will be shortly.

So, if you've got the money let the games begin!

If you think it's bizarre that we have these kind of conversations, you don't know me that well. I'd never have a threesome with anyone either but I analyzed the profile of who you'd need to pick in order to maximize your chances of avoiding awkwardness & disease (in case you wonder, I figure an acquaintance; someone you know well enough to know about their sexual escapades but not so well that you're going to see him/her all the time in day to day life or suffer great loss if things get awkward).

I also happened to read this article today.

Some of that sums up my feelings on why you have to watch your back if you succeed. If I recall, though you can't claim a lottery prize without your privacy vanishing before your eyes. At least, not in NY.

A lot of that wouldn't affect me, though. I've been picky about who I deal with since college; I can spot a Johnny Come Lately pretty quickly & have no patience for them. I also tend to be cheap even if I have the money for things. Getting me to spend on something non-essential is like pulling teeth; seriously. I'll tell you not to spend on me & that something costs too much, even if I could afford it & then some. Even if I do want something, it usually takes time for me to realize "Hey, I can afford this!" My mom has ranted for years about people who have more money than sense; the Keeping up w/the Jones crowd tends to fall into that category.

I also feel no obligation to give to anyone I don't want to. Try prying expensive gifts from me if I don't want to do it; you're not going to win. I'll also point out your sins in a second & trying to come out of the woodwork?? You'll be lucky if I don't kick you square in the butt for bothering me.

I also attempt to know people who know reliable finance professionals so I have resources if needed. No rich person will ever have to deal with me asking for money; they'll just have to deal with me asking for advice or references on reliable professionals.

The funny thing is, some of these things are issues I discussed years ago with someone who knew rich people directly. I also saw some of this play out with people I knew who had money; they never flaunted it or made a big thing of it. That's how you lose it. Not being patronizing to me is also a big plus.

The responses to it show me the class divide & who's had friends w/money vs. who hasn't. If you think only rich people are snotty or classist, you'd be dead wrong. Poor people can be just as snotty as anyone else & I've seen it myself. They'd be just as likely to leave you in a ditch as anyone else. Same with ugly people or handicapped people. Don't think that stuff like that makes someone a saint or even a nice person; there are ugly people who are jerks & handicapped people who aren't bastions of courage, love and hope.

Class divide, gotta love it.

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