Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Curse of the Tiny Fingers & Other Rants

Those of you who hate skinny people may get all bitchy & whiny about my conundrum. For them, I say that I have as much sympathy for your problems as you have for mine.

I have teeny, tiny fingers & wrists. Why is this is a problem, you ask?

It makes me keeping bracelets, watches & rings impossible. Try finding a ring in a smaller size than a 5: it almost never happens. I constantly get disappointed if I go to a street fair or any place with rings at an affordable price. Sometimes, I might find a 4 (the size I've worn since at least high school).

And now, a 4 doesn't even fit. Last night, I noticed my wedding ring was gone. I've been depressed and frantic about it since I noticed this. I don't even remember when I last had it on or if I lost it in my home or on the streets of Manhattan.

It's not the first piece of jewelry or ring I've ever lost. However, it's not replaceable. The cost really isn't the issue; it's more sentiment & the principle of the thing. My husband didn't buy it for me; it was a gift from my mom since she'd had the ring for a long time but could no longer wear it.

It's not even as though everyone I know has their original wedding ring. My parents haven't had any for ages. But I look at the relationship status of everyone I know with this little ring problem & it makes me feel it's a bad omen.

Here's a great symbolism story: I had this diamond chip ring in high school. I'd lost it for a couple years then found it when I was a senior. This guy I was dating at the time (who was completely eccentric) told me he liked it.

One weekend, I went to visit my undergrad in Atlanta on one of those college weekends. That weekend, I lost it God knows where.

Months later, after I graduated from high school, this boyfriend calls up & decides to dump me over the phone. He told me that the same weekend I was in Atlanta & lost that ring, he'd cheated on me. Honestly, I was more pissed that he'd cheated on me before my senior prom than that he cheated to start with. I was moving away for bigger & better things, after all.

My sister thought he was lying b/c he was NOT that attractive (if you saw him, you'd say "You could have done better.") but the symbolism of it all stuck with me.

Is my husband now going to cheat on me or just get tired of dealing with my BS? He says he won't & said he'd get me something new. But....

I just can't help but get depressed. I know we can't afford it & forget getting ME a diamond. I'll just lose it unless it's a necklace or earrings. At least I don't lose those so much. I'm told gold bands aren't much but I don't really care for that. I'm more of a white gold or silver person so I'd want a band with white gold as well or maybe a second ring like an onyx or something not too pricey or traditional that I like.

I'm not a materialistic whore & I think the whole ring thing is a needless expense but I don't want the world thinking I'm single either.

There was the suggestion that I get this wedding ring as a piercing on my bellybutton or my nipple so I'd not lose it. Nipple piercings hurt, though. I know someone who got that done. I wanted a bellybutton one years ago but not sure I'd be able to maintain it. Maybe I should just get a tattoo but then that brings up the problem of divorce.

Now, if you think that's bad try finding me a TOE RING. Unless that toe ring could be a gnat's hula hoop, it won't fit my miniature toes.

So the next time you think it's so fun being skinny, try shopping for jewelry. I have to get bracelets & watches altered to not fall off my tiny wrists + get this for rings. I just hope a 3 & 1/2 won't cut off my circulation; I like to take rings off if they're hurting my fingers or I wash my hands. I also don't want a green mark on my hand.

In other rants, I saw this article about tapping into your alumni network. I've tried it & it doesn't work in the legal field. That field's too "dog eat dog" & people either never respond or are total jerks like that one bitch from undergrad who tried to tell me to be miserable. I wait for the day to give her a freaking shock in not only making it to NYC but getting to work in a very hard to get into field.

I tried it with other law school alum and it doesn't work. I've had better luck directly talking to people in the entertainment field but that's not even guaranteed. These people may think I won't remember but they'll be in for a shock if I turn out to be the person who keeps them from working w/my company or for some friend of mine or even a friend of a friend who thinks their actions are stupid, distasteful or whatever.

Nastiness to me has repercussions & more professionals should note that today's youngster is the future. Tomorrow, that person could be the CEO of the next big thing or a trusted adviser who can put the nail into the lid of your professional coffin. That's why you should be polite to everyone & at least give the courtesy of a response to someone who takes time to write you. I consider lack of a response as a rude brushoff that will be handled when the person least expects it.

Finally, an interesting Craig's List ad that makes a point:

Film makers and actors
Date: 2011-01-13, 10:00AM EST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

For all those postings looking for actors willing to work with out pay: ATLEAST give them a copy of their hard earned work!

It is not fair, unappreciative and extremely rude not to!

Actors spend a lot of money taking acting classes, headshots, sites, etc.

* it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
* Compensation: no pay

PostingID: 2158118991

I agree to a point but think deferred compensation is better. I also think you'd better be open to beginners if you want to offer no pay for anything. Otherwise, you're just violating the law of economics.

The people who act entitled to getting my expertise for free make me want to punch them in the face. They should be lucky I have honest prospects in life or I'd probably go ahead & do it. Perhaps get it filmed & start a business around it. Who wouldn't want to watch a jerk get beaten up?

The real adage here is "You get what you pay for."


  1. oh you could find perfect ring with size at

  2. I checked it out. If I had the $ for diamonds, maybe but I do have a solution to it all for now. Thanks for the link.

  3. You have my empathy as I wear a 3.75 on my wedding finger. My ring has begun to get loose and I'm worried it will come off but it's been sized so small already it can't go any smaller. We are looking for a band to go in front of it so it won't get lost. And...this is how I found your post.
    Hope that by now you have replaced your ring and have been able to find something in the right size. If so, I would love if you could share where you found one for tiny fingers!