Sunday, October 17, 2010

General Musings Part 9 & Why I Don't Follow Random Celebrities

Well, a few things have been going on. First off, no more comedy opportunity. I don't wish harm onto this person or ill will but if you think an attorney is doing anything without a writing, you must be insane. Especially if you have worked in the legal field yourself and KNOW how attorneys feel about it.

Not a big concern to me because I'll always find something to occupy myself. Now I have a story to mention & some links to share thoughts on.

First off, have you heard about the school administrators who are banning "I Love Boobies" bracelets? Apparently, these bracelets are from a company attempting to promote breast cancer awareness & encourage young people to care about it (especially young men since the heterosexuals don't care to wear pink). It's national news & I didn't save any links so feel free to look this one up on your own.

In my opinion, most school administrators are the stuffiest, most boring people on this Earth. They epitomize the cliche of the out of touch adult & never remember what it was like to be young themselves. You'd think these people popped out of the womb as stuffy 60 year olds.

I think their talents are wasted as school administrators; they need to be running prisons and working in the military. Perhaps be used to torture national enemies. Some politician should probably enlist a school administrator who behaves like this on his/her cabinet just to get people to bend to the politician's will. I've found the term "Little Hitler" to sum these people up to a T.

Let's also talk about the eggshell sensibilities of those daring to get offended by the term "boobies." I heard far worse language in public elementary school (lots of cursing) & this ban didn't happen in a religious private school or even in an elementary school; this is happening in a high school. HIGH SCHOOL, ladies and gentlemen!! Where sex and drinking run rampant for plenty of kids and the Internet will give you access to far nastier content than you'd ever see in the most inspired, creative professional porn film any professional film creator could hope to come up with. You people are a laugh riot; take these sensibilities to an Amish school or a fundamentalist Christian school. Otherwise, wake up and join us in 2010!

Or maybe you should tell us all what drugs you're taking since they apparently do a very good job of allowing you to block out reality. I'm sure others would like some.

Finally, Anthony Heald who played the assistant principal in Boston Public captured this asshole perfectly. I was reminded of the bitchy assistant principal in my high school who was just like this. Rational people hate little Hitlers. So I'm not shocked at school administrators being stupid but I am shocked at this ban in a public high school.

Now to links I'm shocked about.

Let's just call this what it is: employer greed. Maybe some of you fucktards seeking candidates should get the hint if you can't fill these positions; no one is willing to work for the same wage & do 100 extra things. Would you like to do that, especially if it's not YOUR company & your contribution won't mean shit to the people in charge? You'll simply get rewarded by being laid off or fired for not learning Cantonese fast enough while developing advanced computer programming skills, feeding the nation's poor out of your own pocket and studying for 3 states' bar exams.

Maybe, big shot employer, YOU need to re-evaluate compensation schemes or prepare for a massive revolt where people harm YOUR secure spaces and any security you hire turns against you for ripping them and others off. I'm rooting for that revolt; if I had to face that stuff head on like the average laid off person who's no longer qualified for their old job, I'd probably be trying to organize it.

Who the hell do you think you are to think the laws of economics don't apply to you? We should start trimming CEO pay if the CEO isn't willing to do all this since if you're going to demand people to wear 1,000 hats, it's only fair that you do the same if you haven't already been doing it.

This just scares me. I also find it incredibly tacky. It's the ultimate white trash thing to do. I may have had a smaller, cheaper wedding but I insisted on tastefulness & not going to a reception at any location that has peanut shells on the floor. My sister might get a laugh from it, though. Can you imagine your wedding photos?

At least if you're going to joke about the whole institution, try an abandoned shack or something a little more creative + artistic than a McDonalds. Why not just get the McDonald's logo tattooed on your butt while you're at it?

I heavily disagree that being an attorney is worth the stress. The wage information is also total bunk, inflated for those working in the mega-firms. Those with jobs far below six figures can vouch for me on that. I'd also hate just doing attorney stuff; that would kill me. I just see being an attorney as something extra I bring to the table, not my life's work.

Oh, and Bob Saget apparently posted footage online with an annoying brat on a six hour plane flight.

I wondered initially how many people probably pestered him with "It's Danny Tanner! Can I get an autograph?" Then, I was almost compelled to break my "no following famous people I don't know" rule. Almost, though.

So, why won't The Angry Redheaded Lawyer follow famous people if she doesn't know them & they didn't follow her first? Here goes:

* The famous person might well be an asshole. I hate assholes & will not be shy about telling anyone off. God help you if you piss off an entertainment lawyer. You can also ask about this one. You won't find sucking up w/me & expecting me to give a shit when you didn't earn it will just elicit a good old fashioned NYer response.

* I'm not a "fan" of anyone. I'm not going to root in the garbage, pay a bunch of money for things or generally debase myself for anyone. You'll find that I maintain a sense of decorum and can act normally around anyone. If you think otherwise, you can arrange a $ bet on that but you'd better have a chance of making that meeting happen if you want to see action. I'll expect your payment if you see me acting normally.

No one is special to me b/c of being famous. If I hear you're an asshole, I'll likely ask about it. I don't like anyone unless I get to know them personally & make that judgment for myself; there are plenty of people I can't stand who did one or two things I like or share an opinion I agree with. Don't lump me into the "fan" category unless you know me by name or at least could remember me as "that redhead who's a lawyer."

* I don't like intruding on people. I don't want people intruding on me. Do unto others, you know?

* I don't want to be thought of as some gate crashing wannabe trying to use anyone to get ahead in life. Help because you want to, not because I asked.

* I generally expect people to be nasty to me & I remember slights as well as anyone else in the business. So why go out & experience the nastiness that I already figure will happen? Argue self-fulfilling prophecy all you want but I'm more shocked when someone does something nice for me than when they do something shitty.

* Finally, it's a vouching thing. If people I know had good conversation or weren't treated like crap by the famous person, I'll be more likely to take notice & care. If you've met some of these people, that means you'll eventually be dealing w/me on some level so I'm a business colleague & not "some fan."

I think that's fair. What about you?

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  1. First off, wonderful use of the term 'fucktart.' Secondly, I concur about school administrators. They need to be doing more to connect with the students, not more to alienate them or they will never reach them and they sure as fuck will never educate them.