Friday, October 29, 2010

Would Jesus Make a Better Politician?

My husband & I were driving in Long Island today and saw a sign on the side of the road that said "Jesus Would Make a Better Politician." As my husband is very anti-religious, he said he felt compelled to run it over w/the car.

Personally, I despise this "Jesus Save" graffiti I keep seeing in my neighborhood subway station over things this judgmental prick disagrees with. I have a much bigger problem with that than I did with this sign. In fact, I'm tempted to write "Shove it, Churchie" or some such remark on that graffiti the next time I see it since it reeks of judgmental behavior in its placement.

However, I think many clergy people wouldn't want Jesus to be a politician in power. At least, if you believe in a Jesus that you can't buy off or make into your little puppet.

If you're a new reader, go back to some of my posts on my religious views and my history of all that. Also read up on my views on politics.

Oh, and I have a great idea. Let's require politicians to sign blood oaths in their own blood before distributing campaign ads and literature to the public. If they get elected and then lie about what they signed in the blood oath, we get to kill them with no punishment or any repercussion of any sort. Heck, it would be a public service to save the citizenry from yet another corrupt piece of entitled shit who doesn't deserve to suck the taxpayers dry. That might keep politicians honest + cut down on the excessive ads and mudslinging you see.

So if you're someone who runs some mega-church and has buddies in high places, I really don't think you'd want Jesus as a politician. After all, Jesus would be the most honest, non-corruptible politician on Earth. Jesus would see to it that clergy who molest little children and buy off the police and politicians were taken care of in the worst way. Rich people would have to fork over their money to handle homelessness, child welfare issues, animal cruelty and other problems happening in this country. Maybe Jesus would come up with a better balance for cleaning your house vs. cleaning other people's houses.

I also think zealots would be disappointed when Jesus stood up for the Atheists, the Muslims, Jews and other groups who don't follow their little cult. Jesus wouldn't let pro-lifers kill abortion providers or allow fundies to harm people who are different in the name of "God."

* Yes, I certainly think American fundies are capable of being just as bad as Islamic radicals and if they'd lived the conditions of foreign Muslims, would be just as violent and intolerant as any "terrorist." Look at the fellow who did the Oklahoma City bombing in the '90s; people killing in the name of religion & their god isn't just a Muslim thing.

I have to wonder who put up the signs & who thinks Jesus would be a better politician. I'm sure it had to be some group that wouldn't really like a Jesus led regime since that means they'd not get to be their brother's keepers or browbeat people to do what they wanted instead of exercising their freedom to do as they wished. If sane people put it up who really took the time to consider what Jesus would advocate and what he would be opposed to, I'd be absolutely amazed.

Stay tuned for my Halloween specific rant on Halloween. No, it's not "I Hate Halloween."

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