Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Scammers!

I just left my day job today b/c I found out the boss is yet another scam artist. Reading what I read about this guy online, there's no freaking way in hell I'd risk my legal license. Especially considering the job involved the use of my legal license.

He told me he was concerned about being compliant w/the law but the MO sounds awfully similar to the other con man I worked for. I also hadn't gotten my tax paperwork or my required disclosures under the state labor law for new employees. I figure it's better to be safe than sorry. I'm just pissed I had to buy a Metrocard to get home yesterday & got a monthly thinking I'd have an actual, non-ethics violating legal job. Noooo, can't have that can we?

Seems I'll be turning to crime or stripping in a short time unless one of my entertainment gigs, a professional writing opportunity or someone w/an interest in working w/me actually follows through. When you have nothing to lose, there's really no reason to turn that inward. It's better to go down fighting in my book. You'd never catch me killing myself w/out taking a few others down w/me--only people who truly deserve it, though.

I don't blame law schools, the entertainment field (tons of people have day jobs to support themselves) or law professors for such things. I don't even blame investors so much since it's a slow process & they aren't any happier w/the slowness than filmmakers/producers/etc.

I'll tell you who I blame: employers. I blame people who are stuck in arbitrary ways of doing things & who refuse to give anyone a viable opportunity (hi, law firms!). I blame people who violate labor laws left, right & sideways to then make potential employees have to walk around w/fear that they will once again become a victim. I blame idiots who'd rather hire some moron or retain an old dinosaur who could never do the job than bring in new, fresh talent that can think outside the box & whose differences could make that business a million times better than it is right now.

So enough w/the stupid scam artists. All I freaking want is a steady, PAYING job that doesn't require me to sign my life away, commit to working there for the rest of my life & whose checks won't bounce (if I even get one). Since I've done a lot of things some of these law school scam bloggers may not have, I can't just walk into any old place to apply. 7 years of retail shuts you out from most jobs like that. I'm overqualified to be an entertainment intern & a writing intern. I'm even overqualified to be a personal assistant or an executive assistant.

The best I can do is ask people if they'd want to work w/me personally & work out some arrangement w/me based on my skills. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Maybe I should consider becoming a headhunter since I've even gotten jobs for others; I think I'm better at that than I am at getting myself a legitimate, paying job that doesn't make me want to stab my eyes out or consider prostitution as an alternative.

A big sign that you don't want a particular job: you'd rather be a prostitute instead. So I need to find some business owners or people who actually make hiring decisions. If someone knows anyone who hires paralegals, I'd do that & can make a very good argument on why I should be considered. I even have prior experience at a paralegal type job.

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