Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Revelation

Because of the fact that everyone's got to look out for #1 in this world (since no one else will do it for you), I've been job hunting on Craig's List. Mostly b/c I don't have time to futz around w/endless interviews & jobs that might or might not be available in the near future. I find posters on Craig's List usually don't make you go through some nightmarish application process for a job that won't be filled for 3 months.

Due to my unusual career path + my absolute and total inability to work in a law firm (a big thank you to an attorney I met yesterday for confirming my rage against BigLaw), I mostly consider non-legal jobs such as writing opportunities or recruiting. I also look to legal positions that one would call non-traditional.

I applied for this one internship opportunity being solicited by another attorney. He said the projects I was doing sounded interesting (mentioning you work in my field always garners that response). He also confirmed that I was overqualified.

A realization occurred to me: I'm no longer just a hobbyist in the entertainment field. Maybe I haven't been in a while but after working in my disastrous day job, I'm really not feeling the job hunt so much. I never get responses despite having genuine enthusiasm for anything I apply for (remember, I don't waste time on BS) & everyone sees right through anything I say about working in the entertainment industry.

My other thought is "screw them", though. After all, I'm not going to lie about my interest in the field. I just can't do it. I'd also be an idiot to walk away from a field that I love & is so hard to get into to do something easy & safe. I don't feel a job should require the promise of servitude to an employer or a tattoo w/"property of [the company name]" on your backside; I'd tell anyone thinking I'd do that just where to go. Treat me w/respect & I'll do the same for you. Don't motivate someone to care about your interests & (s)he won't.

I also can't go back to worrying about corporate BS since I've been working on my own and in places where I've gotten respect; I come to this realization before hitting 30 but I figure I'm an old soul in a young body anyway.

The upside is anyone telling me I'm being silly or slacking off by working in entertainment is now officially a bona fide moron who can be ignored. I ignore naysayers anyway since I've done many things most people don't or are too scared to try. So at least I have that, eh?

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