Friday, April 15, 2011

General Musings Part 19

This one may end up a little longer than normal because I have some serious rants for some of it. Some could make up their own blog posts in an of themselves but I'll see what I can do to reserve some of it for separate posts.

* First off, I don't know if Betty White actually said this or not but if she did "brava." Some famous people are spoiled assholes who don't appreciate that A) most people don't make in a year what they make per movie & some make less per year than they make per TV episode, B) lots of people would trade places with them in a second & C) the criminal justice system is completely biased in favor of celebrities.

Do you think a regular person would get the same punishments, second changes, etc. as Lindsay Lohan has for doing precisely what she's done? I don't think so.

Any famous person who appreciates those facts and finds "bad behavior" reprehensible should be praised. That's a person who appreciates the admiration of the common people & presumably is in touch with them.

Yes, celebrities have to go through all sorts of stuff & I can understand why drug and alcohol addiction are so rampant in the industry but if you're going to do that stuff, not get treatment then continue to break the law and flout your superiority to others, I have zero sympathy for you. In fact, your total failure will be even more glorious to the common person. Want people to root for your success or throw parties after your death because they hate you?

* This is just funny. It makes you want to create your own town & come up with fun street names.

I was contemplating variations of the "Baby on Board" sign since I happened to see one as we were driving yesterday. I came up with "Satanist on Board" and "Flirty Homosexuals on Board." If I had one of those signs, I'd want something clever & interesting like those that just happened to be true for our situation; not sure what that would be for us. "Crazy People on Board" is just too easy.

* Oh, and do me a favor. Let's just shut up about how gay marriage is immoral and that other crap, all right? Stop persecuting gay couples & grant gay marriage in all 50 states already! Gay people are absolutely right about the fact that they're treated like second class citizens. Consider this.

Want a theocracy? Claim your own island & take all the nutbags of your faith with you. When I say "nutbags," I'm referring to people who have zero logical reasoning skills, make no effort to live in modern society and think they are Lord & Master (or Lady & Mistress) of everyone else's lives. The people who protest abortion but never adopt unwanted kids or try to reform the foster care system while also indulging doctors who demand all childfree women to breed before getting voluntary sterilization.

Better yet, move to an existing theocracy. Leave the rest of us alone & we'll leave YOU alone. Fair? Gay marriage has NOTHING to do with YOUR marriage.

Let's repeat this: a gay couple getting married has NOTHING to do with your marriage to your fundie spouse. Stop being an ass to the homosexuals because of your sexual frustration within YOUR marriage!

* Thank God I don't have kids who live in Chicago. I'd say "hell no!" to this one.

Let's see: there's the unappetizing lunches, the health content involved (to my knowledge it hasn't changed since Super Size Me), general selective eating, etc. These school board members and powers that be who made this choice should be forced to eat the cafeteria food themselves. If they wouldn't touch it or even feed it to their dogs, they have no right to demand school children to eat it if they don't have medical conditions. Meddling at its worst.

What next? Force everyone who's skinny to take injections to be just like the fat kids so the fat kids won't feel bad about themselves? I see this policy just helping anorexic kids out since they'll have a good excuse not to eat.

* Speaking of the picky eater argument, I read this Dear Prudence column yesterday.

Okay, here's the thing. I am a picky eater & there's no medical reason or some such nonsense. Nor do I need "therapy" for it.

You want to know why I'm picky? Genetics or environment, take your pick.

First off, my mom is a very picky eater. Don't give her onions, cabbage, garlic, etc. She's not going to eat it. Because she wasn't one of those hypocrites who made her kids eat things she wouldn't eat herself, we weren't given certain things as kids. No brussel sprouts, turnips, salmon, etc., etc. I also grew up in the South & certain cuisine is not good down there. This was even more true when I was younger & there were very few "ethnic" people.

Second, my family did not have the money to take us out to eat at fancy restaurants. I didn't even get to go to a casual dining restaurant to sit and eat until I was in high school and that was because I got inducted into the National Honor Society. We were lucky to get fast food once a week as kids.

Finally, most people I know do not eat "exotic fare." They are "burgers, french fries, chicken tenders" kind of people. Some of them don't eat any vegetables while others eat a few, including me.

I saw a lot of comments on this letter about how "this person eats like a little kid" and anyone who's a picky eater either needs therapy or should have their diet critiqued by snobby foodies.

That's not what I needed. I ate more things by hanging out with different people, going to college and actually getting to go places + try food without having to waste lots of money on things I might not like. That's how I got to eat Mexican food.

News for you foodies: stop playing food police & denigrating people who don't eat squid, eyeballs, tofu or other exotic fare. Shut the fuck up about what I put into MY body. It has no effect on YOU unless it causes gasiness & you're in the same general area. There's no harm to YOU because of what I eat, got it? And health concerns? Butt out & focus on your own health. I'll bet you weigh more than me.

I'd rather die at 80 eating what I wanted than live to 100 eating nothing but tofu & cardboard. Enjoy life a little; maybe then you'll remove that stick from your ass.

I've tried particular things. I don't like them, I won't eat them. If I go to a restaurant and PAY for my food, you'd better believe I have every right to have my meal without onion, cilantro, salmon or whatever I don't eat that I will taste if I simply "pick it off." However, I do like cooked asparagus and zucchini (which I never got to have without going to events as an adult). I actually had black caviar at a lawyer event that was topping an appetizer I ate & it didn't even register a taste to me; I'd eat that again.

Go to Hell if you think picky eating is a deal breaker. Many people don't live in major cities, have relatives from foreign countries or like fusion cuisine. Find a fusion or Thai restaurant in my hometown that you'd eat at and not worry about the food quality. There's a reason you won't find that kind of thing on the scale you find fast food, BBQ places, casual dining, etc. I think that's probably the case in Middle America.

Interestingly enough, no one I know has ever bitched at me about what I do or don't eat in a restaurant. If anything, the picky are saving a restaurant money because they can save that onion, red cabbage, guacamole, egg, cilantro, etc. for those who DO eat it. It's why I prefer places that make their foods in the kitchen and don't use mixes. I've also not noticed many men playing food police. Most of the ones I know are "meat and potatoes" types & some downright won't bother going to certain types of restaurants.

I also think this debate is a tad classist. The "I eat everything" folk apparently come from money or health nuts. Personally, if you are worried about that in a life partner you have very big problems and would be labeled a whiny, preachy person around "meat & potatoes" people.

* Special bravo to Prince for this. He's entirely right, you know. Ticketmaster IS the devil!

* This I would not do for an ex. Thankfully, my husband has no plans to leave me or cheat on me. We have a very simple solution for that one. It seems like children seem to play more in those decisions; one more good reason not to have kids. If you'd still been friends years later, that's one thing. Otherwise, I'd just let karma handle it.

* However, I'd do this in a second. Again, kill a family member of mine then get smug & laugh about it? I won't be responsible for my actions & I think any lawyer could have a viable argument for temporary insanity if not total insanity.

I also think the terms "little bitch" or "slut" apply to this ex-girlfriend & I'd have called her this much for making such cracks. Remember, you probably had sex with him & most likely cheated on him. What does that make YOU?

I'd also have to say "I'm sorry your family is going to have to pay for your funeral expenses because I'm going to rip your head off if you don't shut the hell up and get out of my sight permanently." These scumbags wouldn't be able to walk the streets without 24 hour security if it were me.

The world at large should be thrilled I'm only putting this kind of thing in my creative work instead of going out & doing it in real life. Give most people opportunities, you prevent criminal acts.

* And gee, why am I not shocked by this? I almost want to thank the company that left me in job offer limbo for months for not getting back to me. Now I don't have to endure the belligerent and abusive skies!

* Also not a shocker. Gee, who wants move to Sweden now? I'd consider it.

Seems part of worker abuse in America is cultural differences that allow it to flourish. If you ask me, that difference is the dumbing down and sheepledom that result.

I bet if segregation were the norm today, you have millions of apologists saying "Oh, don't cause trouble." and "Don't go protest this. You're interrupting law & order." Look at how people react toward those who protest constitutional violations in the form of TSA screenings, graduation ceremonies and high school racism. If you don't think I'm right, then you have much higher hopes for humanity (& perhaps more naivete) than I do.

* Finally, read about high school girls using Facebook to claim their prom dresses.

If you want a unique, one of a kind dress I have a more radical idea. Get someone to MAKE your dress!!! Pick a fabric & style you want. If you browse stores & the Internet carefully, I guarantee no one will be copying you + you won't be ruining the moment by announcing what you're wearing beforehand.

Or get something & alter it if you have some sewing skills. That or let someone else do it.

Ladies, you NEVER tip your hand when going to a prom. Would you post pictures of your wedding dress on Facebook if all your friends were getting married at the same time so that your friends don't copy you? Do you think celebrities do this for red carpet events? I don't think so: the element of surprise is just as important.

Plus, how do you know someone's not just going to lie & hold a dress you like so you can't wear it to then show up in something no one else "claimed?" Teenage girls can be real bitches; I was one once & I certainly could be one when I wanted to. If you've got hundreds for a prom dress, I'm pretty sure you can pay the same money to a dress maker for a one of a kind; bonus if you know someone who has the ability to do it.

So there you have it. Now I should have time to watch another movie I haven't seen this afternoon.

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